Gearstar Introduces New GM 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L70E Performance Transmissions. Gearstar’s 30 years of continual development for both improved O.E. durability and aftermarket performance has enabled it to develop a range of 4L60E-based automatics capable of harnessing up to 650 hp. For ease of installation, Gearstar’s comprehensive transmission packages are ready to drop right in. They come complete with a high-performance torque converter, a new pan, a fluid cooler, a fill tube, and a transmission mount. For the ultimate in durability, Gearstar utilizes the same five-pinion planetaries GM integrated into the 4L65E and 4L70E into its own Level 3 and Level 4 packages. All Gearstar transmissions are backed by a 36-month warranty, and each unit is dyno tested prior to shipping to ensure the highest in quality control. For more information, please contact Gearstar at 330-434-5216 or visit:


Mattson’s Custom Radiator offers a high efficiency radiator for your Impala’s. Their polished aluminum radiator is available for small block and big block engines with dual SPAL electric fans and a custom aluminum shroud. Aluminum construction is up to 40% less weight than copper or brass radiators. Radiators are show quality TIG welded; no epoxies is used and are 100% pressure tested to assure reliability. Construction includes ultra strong tanks with mounting flanges and billet aluminum filler neck, which will not crack, or leak. Mattson’s offers complete sales and service to meet all your cooling needs. Radiators are available for many other vehicles or can be custom built to your specifications. Contact Mattson’s Custom Radiator at:


AIR-ZENITH/ AIR-ZENITH OB2 Onboard Air Compressor System. Weather to power up air horns, air locking differentials, air ride suspensions, or airing up your large off-road tires. A fast and reliable on-board air compressor system is a worthwhile investment. Air-Zenith all-new 2nd generation 200-PSI OB2 air compressor can output a 4.25-CFM massive air flow, it is the fastest 12-VOLT air compressor in the market can fill up a 5 gallon air tank from 160-PSI to 200-PSI in just 40 seconds! Air-Zenith OB2 compressor is fully rebuild able with patented design Interchangeable Piston Technology, and, it is coupled with industry’s best 2 years manufacture warranty. To learn more about this modern age airbag system contact:


Eastwood/ Hammer and Dolly sets for metal-shaping and auto body professionals and DIY-hobbyists. Fairmount Body Hammers are designed for precision metal-shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years. With a rich heritage of quality and innovation, these tools continue that tradition. Eastwood offers 17 different Fairmount hammers and dollies, available individually or in kit form. Included in the line are an anvil dolly and dome dolly, not commonly found in other sets. These are hammers and dollies that you will have in your toolbox for years to come. As the exclusive distributor of Fairmount Hammers and Dollies, Eastwood is proud to offer tools that metal-shapers can depend on, at an economical price. To view these and other Eastwood Products look them up at: