Meguiar’s introduces new convertible top cleaner Easy-to-Use New Product Specially Formulated To Work Safely On All Materials Including Vinyl, Cloth and Canvas. Every convertible owner knows an important part of maintaining a vehicle’s appearance is keeping the convertible top spotless. Meguiar’s, the worldwide leader in car care technology, has solved this challenge by a lasting solution to keep tops of all materials looking their best with its Convertible Top Cleaner. Guaranteed safe and effective on all canvas, cloth and vinyl convertible tops, Meguiar’s Convertible Top Cleaner is specially developed to maintain a flawless look with no harsh scrubbing. This convenient new product easily removes even the most stubborn stains and contaminates such as, bird droppings, oil and mildew. In a simple process, users rinse their convertible tops, spray Meguiar’s Convertible Top Cleaner liberally, gently agitate with a soft brush and rinse for stunning results every time. Developed by the car care experts at Meguiar’s, this penetrating and biodegradable formula safely removes stains and dirt without damaging the environment to learn more about this and other Meguiars products log onto

Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries, the global leader in high-performance automotive and marine batteries, adds an all-new product to the roster with the OPTIMA Chargers™ Digital 1200 Battery Charger. The microprocessor-controlled product was introduced to the performance automotive aftermarket industry at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger enhances the performance of OPTIMA and other Agm batteries, recovers deeply discharged battery and extends battery life. It also features a tri-color Lcd display for charging, maintaining and fault mode indication. With a gauge that displays battery charging and fill rate with charger mode and fault messages, this new product offers one of the best user interfaces on the market. Other innovative features include an integrated Led work light with ergonomically designed Dc charging clamps, quick set selections that prompt users with a quick and easy selection of charge profiles by battery type of battery maintainer by connection type, and Usb charging for iPads, iPhones and other devices such as cameras and phones. To learn more and where to buy your OPTIMA battery charger visit them on line at

Continental Tires

The ExtremeContact DW ultra-high performance tire from Continental Tire the Americas is specially engineered to deliver serious performance on both dry and wet roads. The ExtremeContact DW (tuned for Dry and Wet conditions) is part of a line of performance tires from Continental that improve the handling of your daily driver. The ExtremeContact DW has pushed the envelope in performance, with completely new technology exclusive to Continental Tire. The ExtremeContact DW delivers excellent traction and responsive handling in both wet and dry conditions, improved ride comfort and better mileage at industry-leading rolling resistance levels. One of the special features of the ExtremeContact DW is the DW Tuned Performance Indicators. These are visible letters built into the second rib of the tread that are designed to alert drivers of the tire’s optimal performance levels. “D” indicates the tire is at optimum tread depth for dry conditions. “W” indicates the tire is at optimum tread depth for wet conditions. As the tire wears and the letters are still visible, the tire performance remains optimized for that particular weather condition. The ExtremeContact DW comes in a range of sizes from 16” to 21” wheel diameters with a UTQG rating of 340 AA A. To learn more about these and other Continental tires log onto

MJB Engineering

MJB Engineering manufactures custom high flow billet aluminum oval air cleaners. They feature lifetime K&N filters and all stainless steel hardware. Will fit from one to eight carbs or stacks depending on size allotment. Air cleaners are constructed from 6061T6 aluminum plate. The Sl series is for Holley double pumpers with one half inch dropped bottom to fit Cobras, Vettes and Mustangs. Lb series is for Holley Dominators or with vacuum secondaries and RB series for Holleys, Edelbrock (Carters) and Rochesters. Custom series designed for multiple carbs, Webers, Hilborns or many other possibilities! Lz series will fit Datsun 240/280Z. Air cleaners are available in two sizes: 9.25” wide by 17.25” long or 10” wide by 21” long both in five different heights. These are very eye catching with your choice of polished or un-polished finish. They also offer custom fabrication and welding services to contact them directly pick up the phone and MJB Engineering at (562) 696-3468 or on the web at:


For all you big block owners Edelbrock has expanded their line of E-Street cylinder heads to include an application for oval port big-block Chevy’s. This new 290cc head is designed for entry-level street performance and offers high quality at an affordable price. Manufactured in the Usa, these heads are made from A356 aluminum castings that are heat treated to T-6 specifications for superior strength and quality. Features include larger than stock (290cc) intake and (110cc) exhaust ports for improved engine efficiency; resulting in more horsepower, torque and increased mileage potential. Hardened spring cups help protect long-term wear along with the Heli-Coil threaded inserts for exhaust flanges and rocker studs; these are the items that the lower-cost competitors leave out of their heads. These new heads are equipped with 7/16” rocker studs and double valve springs to handle valve lifts up to .700”. The combustion chambers measure 110cc and their 2.19” intake valve and 1.88” exhaust valve combo produces great horsepower and torque. These E-Street heads are assembled with manganese bronze valve guides and stainless steel valves with hardened tips. Applications are available bare (Part #50449) and complete with valvetrain (Part #50459). For more information please visit them at