For many Americans, the holidays aren’t complete without the traditional tree, but transporting the fragrant trees can be a hassle without the proper equipment. Fortunately, The Perfect Bungee’s flex-web (MSRP $35.99) can be trusted to transport trees easily and safely. By stringing several fixed end cords together via a central ring to create a 4, 6 or 8 arm “web” in two different lengths, the flex-web secures any tree for safe travel from the tree farm to the living room. The flex-web even comes in handy when transporting a tree to a disposal site after the holidays. Like all of The Perfect Bungee’s products, the flexible polyurethane material stretches to twice its original length, which means trees of any size can be safely transported.

Whether it’s a bicycle, television, backyard play set or a truckload of presents, The Perfect Tie Down (MSRP $35.96 for a pack of two) can securely hold all items with its easy-to-use design. Patented internationally, The Perfect Tie Down is made with high-strength thermo plastic with 1/4″ solid braided polyester rope. With a rated capacity of 350 pounds with 75 pounds of working capacity, The Perfect Tie Down is the must-have tool for hauling presents of all sizes from the store to the house.

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