JL Audio

JL Audio W6 subwoofers/ JL Audio is introducing the W6v3’s with a slew of advances, representing two years of intense effort from the company’s engineering department. These upgrades generate very noticeable performance increases in the form of greater output, sharper dynamics and improved overall sound quality. The hearts of the W6v3’s are their motor systems, featuring larger field plates and magnet assemblies than those used on v2’s. These more powerful motor systems have been critically refined via JL Audio’s proprietary DMA system to deliver exceptional linear excursion and dynamic stability. Further enhancing performance is a new motor cooling circuit design, featuring a patented pole vent designed to improve cooling efficiency and reduce power compression. The voice coil configuration remains a dual 4-ohm design with a terminal jumper system to allow parallel or series wiring. New suspensions feature a wide rubber surround and a new progressive-roll spider to control the increased excursion capability. The cones are also new, and include a silver accent ring that creates a classy new look. To learn more visit www.jlaudio.com


MSD is pleased to announce that the all-new Atomic EFI is now shipping to speed shops and parts dealers from our El Paso, Texas facilities. The Atomic EFI has been designed by MSD to replace outdated carburetors and to eliminate the hassle and frustration of tuning, gunked up bowls and jets, and rough running engines. Thanks to the great technology in the Atomic, you will never again need to worry about any of these. Instead, start the engine and go for an afternoon cruise like you wanted to. Unlike other EFI options, the Atomic makes installation easy enough that you can do it in your own garage. The Atomic is designed so that installation will take less than a weekend. The unit needs only two external sensors so there is barely any wiring required. The self-learning system adjusts the tune automatically to make the most of your engine. Take off your carb, put on the Atomic, enjoy your ride. Best of all, the Atomic walks a fine line in automotive beauty between modern technology and classic design so that it is sure to look great under your hood! To learn more about this system log onto www.msdignition.com


DuPont/ Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat is part of a complete system that makes application easier and faster with a wet-on-wet process that achieves full coverage without having to flash between coats―helping improve your bottom line. From the best solvent-borne basecoat for premium-quality repairs to the easiest-to-use waterborne basecoat available. For more info. visit www.upgrade2cromaxpro.dupontrefinish.com


Proform/ LS Valve covers want some hardcore valve covers for your LS engine block? Proform offers several top-quality units for the newer LS engines, each manufactured to GM specifications and bearing the bright red Bow Tie emblem and black inlaid Chevrolet lettering. These new valve covers are taller than stock valve covers, and can accommodate a wide variety of large valve train applications. These valve covers are available in 5 different styles, which include raised and recessed emblems. Unique mounting studs, and oil restricting baffles are included. Threaded mounting holes for Integrated Ignition Coil Bracket included. Proform Parts has a comprehensive line of internal and external engine parts, dress up kits, engine building tools and more! Preview all their inexpensive products at www.proformparts.com.

Speedway/Speedway Motors

Speedway/ Speedway Motors GPS Speedometer Sending Unit Simplify the installation of your electronic speedometer with this new GPS Speedometer Sending Unit from Speedway Motors. This is the latest technology in sending units for electronic speedometers. Speedway’s sealed electronic sending unit uses GPS triangulation to calculate true ground speed regardless of gear ratio, tire size or any other mechanical factors. No calibration is needed! The GPS Speedometer Sending Unit has a very simple four-wire hookup and can be used with 8- or 16-pulse aftermarket electronic speedometers. The compact unit has a footprint about the size of a business card and can be mounted under the dash or under the hood, requiring only 3-inches of clearance between the top of the unit and surrounding steel. The GPS Speedometer Sending Unit is one of the latest parts in an ever-expanding line of innovative performance products from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop. Call today toll free at 800.979.0122 or visit www.SpeedwayMotors.com