Kinetik is the industry leader when it comes to power cells and all of your power and charging needs. From their world record holding HC series power cells to their complete line up of power supplies, chargers and accessories Kinetik is the total power solution.

Kinetik HC Power Cells are used in the “Worlds Loudest Vehicles” providing the power to reach over 181dB while continuing to set world records and countless competition victories. Due to low ESR and high energy density, Kinetik HC Power Cells are the most powerful, reliable and compact power cells on the market today. Kinetik HC power cells are perfect for the daily driver ground pounder or even the over the top show vehicle. Kinetik is perfect for the low and slow lowrider stance or even the most impressive competition hydraulic set ups. Give your ride the power it deserves with the power of Kinetik perfect for Audio, Air , Hydraulics, LEDs, HIDs. Kinetik powers it all!

Kinetik offers a full range of Hc power cells, ranging from the small ultra compact KHC600 with more stored energy than 100 – 1 Farad capacitors all the way up to the massive KHC3800 with an impressive 134Ah of reserve time for extended play time Kinetik has the right power cell to fit every need. The power doesn’t stop there, Kinetik also offers a full line of power supplies for your store display or even your show car to use and keep the power going all day long! Want to protect your power investment? No problem Kinetik has you covered with the CTEK status indicator lights so you can visually see when you need to charge and their award winning intelligent desulfating chargers to ensure your Kinetik power cell gets a complete and full charge every time!

For more information on all of the award winning Kinetik Power cells, chargers, and accessories stop into your local authorized dealer or head on over to today!