Hartford, CT – Permatex®, an innovative leader in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, and the maker of Permatex Fast Orange, one of the industry’s leading hand cleaners, has developed a new hand lotion that is designed especially for automotive techs and DIYers. According to Christine Patterson, Product Manager, “Permatex understands how valuable healthy hands are to people who work on vehicles and equipment, and how equally important it is for those hands to feel good after the job is done. Hands can take a real beating during a tough work day. The constant exposure to harsh chemicals, handling parts, and dealing with varying temperatures can and will cause hands to become dry and crack. New Permatex Mechanic’s Hand Repair Lotion features an advanced formula that is made especially for this purpose.”Permatex Mechanic's Hand Repair Lotion rejuvenates, soothes, and repairs damage to hard working hands.

Used after cleaning, Permatex Mechanic’s Hand Repair Lotion provides an excellent solution to rough, dry, and cracked skin. The lotion is specifically formulated using Aloe Vera, Lanolin and Vitamin E to rejuvenate, sooth, and repair damage to hard working hands.

Permatex Mechanic’s Hand Repair Lotion can also be used as a daily moisturizer. It relieves sunburn and windburn, and also leaves a pleasant scent. The lotion is greaseless and absorbs quickly. This makes for an easier clean up and leaves hands with a smooth, not sticky feeling.

Permatex Mechanic’s Hand Repair Lotion is offered in a 16 oz. pump top bottle.