Pioneer’s Appradio

Provides A Revolutioary Way To Use Apps In The Car

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the leader in aftermarket car electronics technology, unveiled its latest innovation, the game-changing AppRadio. Drawing upon Pioneer’s technology integration expertise and following its “Rethinking Connectivity” strategy, AppRadio is the first in-vehicle product designed to utilize the processing power, storage capacity, network connectivity and apps of the iPhone and iPod touch (4th generation) as the primary source for its information and entertainment capabilities. Pioneer’s AppRadio also features the industry’s first capacitive touchscreen that enables control of most functions using similar touch and motion gestures as many of today’s most popular smartphones, but in a larger 6.1-inch screen designed specifically for safer in-vehicle operation. For safety and convenience, AppRadio features built-in Bluetooth¹ for hands-free calling and an input for an optional vehicle mounted rear facing back-up camera.

The power of AppRadio comes from the ability to simply and easily update its software, similar to many of today’s most powerful mobile devices. The front of the unit features a clean and simple aesthetic with only three physical buttons; a home button, a volume up button and a volume down button combined with a high-resolution Wvga (800 x 480) 6.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display. This capacitive touch panel requires less pressure, responds faster and can recognize multiple touch points simultaneously, advantages when compared to traditional resistive touchscreen displays. Touchscreen control is used for all functions including the app interface, iPod control/playback, am/fm radio, and Bluetooth hands-free calling features. To learn more about this Pioneer head unit and other Pioneer product look them up on the web at

MSD Pro-Billet

Ready-to-Run Distributor

MSD’s Pro-Billet Ready-to-Run Distributors are the perfect upgrade for ancient breaker points or other worn out distributors.

Beneath the bolt-down cap a maintenance-free magnetic pickup produces accurate trigger signals while an oversized shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing. An easy-to-adjust mechanical advance allows a custom tailored timing curve to match what the engine needs while a vacuum advance canister increases economy on long cruises. An added bonus is that the Ready-to-Run distributors now feature a built-in rev limiter. The rpm limit is simple to set and you can grab the throttle without worrying about overrev damage from a broken driveline or missed shift! Ready-to-Run Distributors feature a powerful ignition module built into the billet aluminum housing. This module produces a powerful inductive spark that will improve combustion of the fuel mixture resulting in quick starts, smooth idle and increased performance. The changes in reliability and drivability are hard to measure but will surely astound anyone who updates a worn out points distributor. Msd Ready-to-Run Distributors are available for V8 AMC, B-O-P, Ford, Chevy and Chrysler and even some cool retro engines including 348/409s, Nailheads, Fe’s and early Hemis! For a full list of applications, check out the distributors chart on pages 64-65 of the 2011 catalog.

Meguiar’s Introduces New convertible Top Cleaner

Easy-to-Use New Product Specially Formulated To Work Safely On All Materials Including Vinyl, Cloth and Canvas

Irvine, Calif. (April 19, 2011) – Every convertible owner knows an important part of maintaining a vehicle’s appearance is keeping the convertible top spotless. Meguiar’s®, the worldwide leader in car care technology, has solved this challenge by a lasting solution to keep tops of all materials looking their best with its Convertible Top Cleaner. Guaranteed safe and effective on all canvas, cloth and vinyl convertible tops, Meguiar’s Convertible Top Cleaner is specially developed to maintain a flawless look with no harsh scrubbing. This convenient new product easily removes even the most stubborn stains and contaminates such as, bird droppings, oil and mildew.

In a simple process, users rinse their convertible tops, spray Meguiar’s® Convertible Top Cleaner liberally, gently agitate with a soft brush and rinse for stunning results every time.

Developed by the car care experts at Meguiar’s, this penetrating and biodegradable formula safely removes stains and dirt without damaging the environment.