’58-64 Chevy Tailored Rear End Kits

Jim Meyer Racing Products has been making rear end kits for any car or truck for over 20 years. Get a new 9-inch rear end any width designed to fit your rails and stop worrying about what you’re going to do when the existing straight-axle blows. The four-bar rear end kit will eliminate axle housing wind-up and provide great handling stability, traction and improved launches.

The kits are custom tailored to fit your chassis and they provide everything you’ll need to install it at home. You’ll get a narrowed housing with matching Dutchman alloy axles, adjustable Panhard bar, aluminum adjustable coilover shocks, urethane bushed adjustable 4-link bars with forward crossmember and all brackets jig-welded to the housing and crossmember so you can weld it in and bolt it together in the driveway in a week end.

For more information and all the options, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products, Inc. (2795 S.E. 23rd, Lincoln City, OR 97367 at (541 994-7717, Order line (800) 824-1752, Fax (541) 994-2397, or visit www.jimmeyerracing.com.

Wicked Metal Jacket

The Wicked Metal Jacket is a uniquely designed metal case built specifically for the iPhone 4. The aircraft grade aluminum case is practically indestructible and can still withstanding the entire weight of a car. Don’t believe it? Check out the video demonstration on its website. Despite the durable construction it still remains lightweight. For more information visit: www.wickedimage.com.