Disc Brakes
For ’55-’57 Chevys

Wilwood Engineering has just released a disc brake kit for ’55-’57 Chevys that allows the use of aftermarket 14-inch wheels to retain the appearance of a restored Chevy with the enhanced stopping ability of disc brakes for driving safety. The Forged Dynalite Pro Front Kit is Wilwood part number 140-11491 and it features an aluminum hub assembly and an aluminum adapter plate connected to 11-inch rotors. Forged Dynalite calipers are used for their superior clamping ability and they are available in Platinum-E, red, black or in a polished finish for a show car appearance. This kit comes complete with the special caliper brackets, BP-10 brake pads and all of the hardware required to complete the installation. The Wilwood part number 140-11405 Forged Dynapro Rear P-Brake Kit is designed for the original ’55-’57 Chevy differential and it features Forged Dynapro calipers in Platinum-E, red, black or in a polished finish for a show car appearance. This system uses an 11-inch rotor specially designed for use with an internal drum parking brake mechanism that also incorporates the caliper mounting bracket. This kit also comes with the BP-10 brake pads and all of the hardware required to finish the installation. Now you can have the appearance of a restored Chevy with the stopping ability of a brand new car. For more information visit:


New Edelbrock
Cylinder Heads

The new Edelbrock RPM Xtreme Cylinder Heads for 427 – 572 cid Big Block Chevy engines strive to provide race level performance in a streetable design envelope. CNC machined runners and combustion chambers achieve flow numbers nearly on par with the Victor series professional race head, while maintaining compatibility with off-the-shelf or even stock components including headers, pistons and rocker arms. The deck has been rolled 1.5° to improve the intake valve angle and consequently port velocity, while ensuring that the 2.25″ (oval) / 2.30″ (rect.) intake and 1.88″ exhaust valves will still clear the factory valve reliefs. The exhaust flange has been raised less than 1/8″ to improve flow around the short turn without causing conflicts with off-the-shelf 2″ primary tube headers designed to work with stock heads. The 300cc (oval) / 325cc (rect.) intake ports and 110cc chamber volumes will ensure that the performance potential of these heads is sufficient for nearly any street driven application. The rectangular port heads are even available with a larger 118cc chamber to support forced induction and pump gas friendly compression ratios. For more information visit:


Tube Bending Tool

Bending 3/8-inch OD tubing can be difficult with a light weight hand held bender, particularly when bending stainless steel tubing. This husky Classic Tube swivel handle bender can be repositioned anytime during a bend, which makes compound bends a simple, easy process. You can bend any 3/8-inch tubing using indicators at 15-degree increments, and this tool will bend from 1-dergee up to a full 180-degrees. This bender will also eliminate scoring or flattening of the tubing. Using the right tool takes all the guesswork out of precision bending. This tool features an open side design, which slips over the tube at any point. It’s calibrated to show the angle of the bend and also features a wide hook that grips the tube securely. The design of this bender provides for precise control, stability and leverage. Radius to the center of the tube is 5/16-inch, and you can bend right or left hand turns. Classic Tube has hand held benders for 3/16 to inch tubing, all of which are a valuable addition to your toolbox. Classic Tube is the industry leader in pre-bent stainless or OE steel brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum, emissions and hydraulic tubing for most import or domestic cars and trucks. To preview their line of tubing, tools and supplies. For more information visit:


SLIP Plate Spray

SLIP Plate Aerosol is the original heavy-duty dry-film graphite lubricant engineered to produce a very slick barrier between metal surfaces and reduces sliding friction. The coating is naturally hydrophobic material that resists rain, snow, and mud. In addition, unlike wet-based lubricants that can cause debris to stick to surfaces, SLIP Plate Aerosol reduces build-up due to dust and dirt. It lasts longer to perform very well in extreme temperature environments. Works great on metal, wood and most polymer surfaces. Use SLIP Plate Aerosol as a part of a regular maintenance schedule to extend the life of your parts and equipment, help reduce maintenance costs, and avoid productivity losses. For more information visit: