Falken Tire

For luxury Sport Utility Vehicles and Light Trucks, the ZIEX S/TZ04 offers key Falken technology for superior life. Featuring M + S all-season performance; a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern, allowing for unrestricted rotation; and a 2 into 3 block pattern that ensures low noise and flat, even tread wear for the highest levels of cabin comfort. In challenging weather conditions, the S/TZ04 presents improved lateral handling and highway stability. Combined with high angle lateral grooves, a solid center rib and four wide circumferential grooves, that maximizes water dispersion and delivers all-season traction. Along with a 50,000 limited mileage warranty the S/TZ04 is built for confidence. The S/TZ04 has one of the deepest tread designs in the Sport Truck category. This effectively provides heavy full depth siping for excellent wet traction and unparalleled levels of all-season grip throughout the life of the tire. Falken engineering has incorporated sophisticated sidewall styling and offers a larger rim protection ridge that helps shield expensive custom wheels. For more information visit: www.falkentire.com

White Wall Wipes

With the world’s first wipe designed specifically for maintaining clean white wall tires you can quickly wipe your tires off daily using White Wall Wipes and enjoy that just cleaned look every day. Classic white wall tires make any automobile or bike look great when they are clean. In the past, the problem has been maintaining that clean look after each drive. Clean them today and they are dirty tomorrow. Detail Pro White Wall Wipes solves that problem. The soft premium wipes are pre-moistened with a specially designed cleaning solution that removes brake dust and road grime to safety clean all white wall tires leaving them bright white. For More Information visit: www.whitewallwipes.com

Kugel’s Remote Fill Reservoirs

Kugel Komponents offers the original remote fill reservoirs built from a solid piece of billet aluminum and available in a single, double or triple option. Reservoirs have threaded outlets on both the back and bottom and can be mounted anywhere above the master cylinder. You no longer need to remove carpets or get under the vehicle to get to the master cylinder making it a cinch to check brake fluid levels. Remote fill reservoirs mount to vehicle by way of four 1/4 x 20 threaded holes and feature twist on caps, vapor barrier with seal and stainless steel mounting hardware. Remote fill caps for Corvette master cylinders are also available. Kugel Komponents has over 40 years of automotive experience and offers many other products to meet your suspension needs. For more information call or visist: (562) 691-7006 www.kugelkomponents.com

Nationwide Show Quality

Re-Chroming Service

Goodmark introduces their new nationwide ‘Show Quality’ Re-chroming service for bumpers and bumper guards. The service allows pros and enthusiasts to salvage their original or shine up a reproduction bumper. By focusing solely on bumpers and bumper guards, Goodmark introduces its nationwide service to bring a higher quality re-chrome finish to the industry and the specialized equipment / expertise required for a 1st place show finish. A true show shine relies on the prep work and metal care a bumper receives prior to plating. Goodmark’s Show Quality Re-Chroming service is a multi-step process focused on metal condition, cleaning and re-chroming. The automated copper and nickel chrome plating is the most durable and professional re-chroming process available on the market. For more information please visit: www.goodmarkindustries.com