Wheel Illumination
MotionLite is an innovative, high-quality, wheel illumination system that does what no other product can – it lights your wheels from the outside. This easy-to-install electric system includes strobe and morph functions and is remote control and operated, allowing users to switch between seven colors while in motion. If you’re seeking a lighting product that does not attach to, or affect the look of, your wheels, MotionLite is the solution. Made from high-quality anodized aluminum and durable plastics, MotionLite’s components are designed to withstand extreme conditions. The cables are heavy gauge with watertight military-grade connectors, and all mounting hardware is stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Remote-control operation makes color and function changes convenient from inside the vehicle or a short distance away. The retractable units allow the driver to control when and how the product is used.

New Roof Rail
Seals for 1973-77

Steele Rubber Products Inc. announces new roof rail seals for 1973-77 GM A-Body 4 door pillared hardtops. These much needed parts are now available to protect your vehicle against the noise and the weather. The seals are sold for front doors (70-3153-68) and rear doors (70-3152-68) separately. The weatherstrips install in the chrome channel on the upper half of the door openings. The seals replace factory numbers 9878792-3 and 9878794-5. The seals fit 1973 Chevy Laguna, 1973-75 Pontiac Grand Am, 1973-77 Buick Century, Chevy Chevelle Malibu, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Pontiace Lemans, 1974-77 Buick Regal, and 1975-77 Grand Lemans 4 door pillared hardtops. The front door also fits 1973-77 Buick Century, Chevy Chevelle Malibu, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, and Lemans wagons. Our weatherstrips have an authentic look and are made with heat and ozone-resistant rubber compounds. Steele stands behind all products by offering a money-back guarantee if a customer is not completely satisfied. For more information please visit:

Perfect Cut
Automotive Polish

System 51, maker of the System One family of products, is proud to introduce its latest formulation – Perfect Cut automotive polish. Perfect Cut takes the fear out of polishing with an advanced, nano-engineered formulation that virtually eliminates the possibility of burning through clear coat and or paint. You no longer have to buy 2 or 3 different products used in traditional “systems” and constantly work to minimize the damage done by each progressive “stage” of polishing. One product, one Perfect, worry free, optically pure finish. Clean up is simple, just wipe off if you get it on rubber, plastic trim, glass or exterior lights or use System 51 Replenish Wax to remove Perfect Cut residue and not only will clean-up be faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined but you’ll lay down a fresh coat of protective carnauba wax in the process. For more information please visit:

Drone Free Muffler
DynoMax Performance Exhaust – a leading innovator in performance exhaust technologies – introduced the DynoMax VT muffler, a revolutionary, high-flow stainless steel performance muffler that controls irritating drone while ensuring maximum performance on a full-range of street applications. DynoMax Performance Exhaust products are manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc. The DynoMax VT muffler features an exclusive, precisely calibrated patented internal valve that ensures maximum performance and provides a drone-free experience in the vehicle. For More Information please visit:

Body Panels
Replacements 1955-57

Replacement body panels have long been available for many – but not all -parts on 1955-57 Chevrolets. Bob’s Classic Chevy is filling in the gaps with previously unavailable body panels for three rust- and damage-prone areas: roof skins, cowl panels and drip rail panels. Roof skins for two door hardtops and drip rail panels for two door hardtops. In addition to the new parts, Bob’s Classic Chevy has a large selection of replacement body panels for 1949-57 Chevrolet cars, including floor pans and braces, rocker panels, quarter panels, and fenders. Also available are 1955 and 57 hoods, 1955-57 trunk lids, and door skins and shells for 1955-57 two-door hardtops and convertibles. For more information please visit: