Project Hauler Review
Rear Bumper Replacement
If you have ever towed your lowrider with a trailer you know that there are sometimes mishaps that could happen. One of the most common damages that can occur, are caused from sharp turns or when you’re still learning to back up with your trailer. Usually the trailer makes contact with the bumper (Jack knife) and the damage is done! Therefore this will be enough for you to have to replace the bumper brackets and send the bumper out to the chrome shop.

Thankfully Westin Automotive of Irwindale, CA has taken the hassals of replacing out damaged bumpers with their Perfect Match Rear Step Bumper line-up. Westin Automotive is known for having premium quality truck, SUV, and CUV accessories. These bumpers provide the “Perfect” alternative to OE bumper replacements. Why wait around and hear chrome shop excuses when you can get one with out the wait. These Perfect Match bumpers are made of stamped, formed steel and V5 tested for strength. They also feature molded polymer OE style step pads, “face” pads and hitch pads. Choose your finish in durable black powder-coat or brilliant chrome-plating. All applications are shipped as a complete assembly including face bar, pads, light assemblies, brackets and mounting hardware.

So remember if you damage your truck or SUV bumper its not the end of the world, just look up Westin, I’m sure they will be able to hook you up. To learn more about this product or to find your application, log onto or call them at 1-800-345-8476.

LS-Series Motor Conversion Sets
Energy’s HYPER-FLEX polyurethane performance motor mounts are now available GM LS-Series engine conversions. Complete set (two mounts and adapters) allow mounting an LS1/LS6/Vortec 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 V8 in a chassis originally designed for a Chevy Small Block. This set includes our superior polyurethane mounts which are impervious to under-car chemicals, road salts, atmospheric conditions and with our patented interlocking feature, you’ll be reassured that your engine stays secure to the chassis you bolted it to.

New For 2010 From Kicker
KICKER has allocated most the performance and power of its patented square-woofer technology into a round subwoofer with the further development of the KICKER CompVX Subwoofer, creating the most technologically advanced round subwoofer available for those that prefer the circular look in their installation. In 2010, the CompVX has been updated to solidify its standing as the best-sounding, deepest-bass-producing round

Stromberg Chrome 97 Carburetors
Stromberg Carburetor is very proud to announce its new chrome Genuine 97 carburetor. Always a natural range extension, the manufacturing logistics and production problems were ironed out over the end of 2009. The concept was initially tested on the Detroit Autorama award-winning “Kookie car” clone, owned by Detroit’s Ron Kregoski. The high quality zinc alloy Genuine Stromberg 97 castings are hand polished before any passivation. They’re copper plated, buffed again, and then chromed before a finish detail polish to add great color and depth.