For the Fifth Generation Camaro, Energy Suspension has focused copious amounts
of time and research determining the best possible solution to improving an already
epic chassis design. From the front control arms and sway bar bushings to the rear
sway bar bushings and rear subframe mounts, our engineers have designed each
component to compliment the Camaro’s smooth ride while removing the soft and
overly compliant body roll. The result; a safer, more track friendly vehicle with
suspension components that offer a set it and forget it installation process for the
Do-It-Yourself Warriors. Two options are available for the rear subframe. Energy’s
Complete Replacement Set is engineered for the die-hard racer demanding
performance over isolation and a Subframe Mount Insert Set tailored for the daily
driver wanting to improve performance without compromising their ride.

Front Control Arm Bushing Set 3.3195

Rear Control Arm Bushing Set 3.3196

Rear Subframe Mount Inserts 3.4168

Front Sway Bar Bushing Set 3.5218 29.5mm

Rear Sway Bar Bushing Set 3.5219 23mm

Rear Subframe Mounts 3.4169