1953-54 Chevy Front Floor Pan

It’s official and it’s from EMS Automotive, the long awaited 1953-54 Chevrolet front floor pan. Only these guys can bring out a high quality full lentgh front floor pan for the 1953-54 Chevrolet cars. Formed with all the OEM style shapes and curves including the hard to repair shapes. Manufactured in the USA from heavy 18 gauge steel. This part covers the complete front floor pan area , extendng from the bottom of the toe board and extending rearward to the backedge of the front seat, it goes side to side from the transmission hump to the inner edge of the rocker panel fits all 1953-54 Chevrolet cars, wagon and sedan deliveres. 216-541-4585

37-54 Chevy Car & Truck Visors

If you are looking for a sun visor for your ’37 to ’54 Chevy truck or car stop hunting for them at your local swap meet. Chevy of the 40’s now carries Fulton style and 1-piece exterior sunvisors that fit 37-52 Chevy cars & trucks. All come with stainless trim and include mounting hardware. www.chevyofthe40s.com

LED Digital Clock Gauge

Prosport Gauges is proud to roll out our newest line of PREMIUM Series Gauges featuring fully programmable Warning & Peak Recall functions. These new Gauges use Precision Swiss made Stepper Motor movements for exceptional accuracy. Coupled with 2nd generation Electric Senders for unprecedented precision. This newest series of gauges features a daisy chain wiring system to make installation easier. For multiple gauge installations only the first in the series needs to wired for power, ground & Color choice. Each additional gauge can be powered using the supplied daisy chain wire. Their full line of 52mm and 60mm Performance Gauges features Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), Boost, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Water Temperature, Tachometers, Digital Tachometers, Shift Lights, Air Fuel Ratio Gauges, Volt, Oil Temperature & Fuel Pressure. Be sure to check out Performance Series 60mm Amber/White Gauges, which by their unique design will also, fit into a 52mm pod. www.prosportgauges.com

Billet Hinges with Gas Lift Support

Renowned custom hot rod and muscle car builder Chris Fesler and his Scottsdale based manufacturing facility, Fesler Billet, now offers a top grade billet aluminum hood hinge. Their hinges are made to fit your Chevy Impalas Lowrider dating from 1963-1970. They are made in house and machined to perfection offering reliable operation and visual appeal. With quality being held at the highest standards possible, Fesler Billet’s Impala hinges are manufactured using T6061 aerospace grade billet aluminum for phenomenal strength and durability. Weather tight, dust resistant bearings and stainless steel button head hardware are used to guarantee accurate functionality in any climate.

Fesler Billet’s Impala hinges offer more stability and support for the wobbly hood caused by stock hinges. The Fesler hinge is also incredibly stronger than chromed stock hinges, which can actually suffer from metal weakness after chroming. www.feslerbillet.com

White Night Rear Lighting System

Cruiser Stainless Accessories offers the White Night Rear Lighting System to automatically light the way when backing vehicles. Provides an 80-foot spread of white light behind and to the rear sides of the vehicle when in reverse gear. Dramatically improves visibility and safety when towing, or whenever a pickup, SUV or RV is driven in reverse. The White Night utilizes two very bright 55-watt halogen lamps mounted in a high impact black plastic case. A toggle switch on the unit also allows manual operation. The White Night is compact and mounts to the hitch receiver tube of most class 1-4 trailer hitches. Available fixed mount version allows full function of the light while hitch is being used to tow. No drilling required and unique Plug-N-Go feature makes White Night the easiest lighting product on the market to install. www.whitenight.com