The 2009 Lowrider Hall Of Fame was a great sucess due to the collaboration and dedication of the Lowrider community and our sponsors who graciously provided the needed resources to engineer a successful event of this magnitute. The Gonzalez family of 3-Amigos Tequila and Motorsport Showcase made their 2nd year commitment as key sponsors. This year’s addition of the (UFCW) The United Food Commercials Workers Union of Arizona also ensured the Lowrider Hall Of Fame banquet was successful in honoring our Lowrider Legends in attendance. As a new sponsor, the UFCW recognizes the iumportance of community support in our fellow man. A big thanks goes out to these organizations that put their faith into motion in helping us achieve success in promoting the Lowrider movement in a positive light. The LHOF Executive Committee wishes to sincerely thank our sponsors and for our readers to join us in showing our appreciation by supporting and patronizing our sponsors. The luxurious International Ballroom at the Long Beach Hilton is where the culture’s elite gathered to induct this year’s class of legends into the 2009 Lowrider Hall of Fame. This year’s awards were presented for Craftsmen, Leadership, Lifetime Contributors, and Memorial Honors, and the recipients joined a distinct class of Lowrider enthusiasts who have truly elevated our low-to-the-ground culture. The new class was greeted by Hall-of-Famers from yesteryear, as well as a huge crowd, who converged on this venue to participate in this historic evening. Everyone in attendance could truly feel the significance of the evening, and they all dressed the part, too. Friends, family, and Car Club supporters put on their very best to add style to this momentous evening, and it was as if the attendees walked right out of a scrapbook of memories detailing the proud history that our Lowrider Movement embraces. Car Club Jewelry like pins and pendants were worn on dress shirts and suits, while the women dressed elegantly, showing off their timeless beauty and grace. The attendees truly put it all on the table for this year’s historic evening.

The Hall of Fame is the place where accomplishments and service meet, and the deserved inductees are recognized for their dedication and hard work within our Culture. They epitomize the reason why we are all in this together, and why our lifestyle will only continue to grow. This year’s Hall of Fame was the one place where 400 people could bestow their praise on four worthy individuals, and thank them for their continued support of the Lowrider Movement. The Hall of Fame ’05 representatives were El Larry Gonzales and Bob Mercado, while ’06 was represented by Nick Hernandez, Joe Ray and Mario De Alba Sr. The ’07 Honorees were also well represented, as Jessie Valadez and Ricardo Alvarado showed too. The’08 Class showed up in the form of Ruben Ochoa, who, along with the rest of the past inductees, welcomed in this year’s class.

The 2009 Lowrider Hall of Fame inductees included Richard Ochoa for Lifetime Achievement, Louie Barrios for the Memorial Honor, Eddie Tovar, for the Craftsmen Award, and Harvey Reyes, who received the Leadership Honor. This year’s class was very different from those honored in the past award ceremonies, but the house of the Lowrider Hall of Fame became stronger and more diverse, just like it does with every inducted class. The class of ’05 laid down the foundation, ’06 put up the walls, ’07 dropped in the roof, and ’08 decorated and hinged the doors of this culture’s temple of excellence, which now houses ’09, and will soon be home to the 2010 class. In the ballroom, every class year had their own reserved area, and there were twelve different clubs on hand to represent and show their support and admiration for these great men. Each inductee had a video shown of their past accomplishments, accompanied by their favorite song, and as the music faded, they made their way to the podium to speak about their devotion and gratitude to the Lowrider Culture. The lives and times of these four men were presented in front of an admiring audience, who appreciated their stories and soaked in their legacies as true pioneers in Lowriding.

Harvey Reyes, Carnales Unidos Bakersfield Chapter President and Community leader, received The Leadership Honor with pride, as a minister commended him for being a role model who helped change lives. Louie “Barr” Barrios was remembered by The Lifestyle Car Club for not only the love he gave to all, but the irreplaceable love he gave to them, and the sincerety his Car Club still misses to this day. Art Avalos had a great speech that kept the audience glued to the podium, as he spoke about the blessings that keep on coming from Louie, albeit now from up above . After Art’s speech, it was Tovar time! Eddie Tovar received the Craftsmen Award as his whole family gathered near the stage at the podium to pay their respects to their father, who raised them and would have been so proud to have been there to see his son’s accomplishments. Richard Ochoa, from Society Car Club in Arizona, was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement honor. The man is a living breathing example of the positivity found in our culture. From father figure to car show judge, Richard has done everything else in Lowriding in between, and is also considered by many to be our media backbone. He has spent countless hours speaking and providing a positive image on our lifestyle, while lending his unwavering support to Lowriding and Latino Culture all over the United States. Rings and Plaques bearing their names and induction class were bestowed to these great men and their families after their respective acceptance speeches.

Dinner, drinks, and dancing heightened the celebratory mood for the evening, and just about everyone in the audience walked away with parting gifts, including canopies, stereos, televisions, floor jacks, tools, and Lowrider gear. Other special gifts were also included like Dakota Digital, Flaming River, Coker Tires, and Mothers car care carry alls. We again wish to give thanks to our sponsors for supporting this event; The UFCW Union, Tress Amigos Tequila Motorsports Showcase. So who will be inducted next year? What is also important is will you be there next year!?? Make your reservations now! Congratulations to this year’s inductees, and thank you to all who supported this 2009 Lowrider Hall of Fame Induction. This year’s class will be hard to beat, just ask the Inductees and their friends who were there. This year’s ceremony was by far one of the best! See you next year!