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At the 2009 ALMA Awards…

The 5 Minute Low Down with Pitbull
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro! Who hasn’t heard that contagious chorus in the last few months?! Hit after hit, the man born Armando Christian Pérez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, continues to build a loyal following as an American [Latino] recording artist with flavor and straight up talent. His first recorded performance was from the 2002 Lil Jon album, Kings of Crunk, after which he released his 2004 debut album, M.I.A.M.I (Money Is a Major Issue). Since then, the unstoppable Pitbull has released two other albums El Mariel (2006) and The Boatlift (2007). He is also the host of his own Spanish-language cable program La Esquina; all the while having sold out shows across the country in a variety of venues and festivals.

So who is Pitbull? He’s the kind of dude that both women AND men like. He’s cool. A sharp dresser with talent, energy and drive. In his seamless flow between English and Spanish, with some Spanglish thrown in underscoring a flow that can be simultaneously fast, brilliant and, yes, n-a-s-t-y—there is no denying that he makes you want to shake your ass-even if you don’t dance. He’s a Cuban/American based in Miami and making his presence known and felt throughout the country. We recently caught up with Pitbull on the Red Carpet of the 2009 ALMA awards. This is what he had to say.

Lowrider (LR): What’s next for Latinos in the entertainment world?

Pitbull (Pit): We are taking over (!)— Whether they like it or not. We know how to take advantage of opportunities that we’re given; that goes to show how our families did when they came to the states.

More then anything, just like Lowrider Magazine continues to grow, [we too] continue to work hard, continue to struggle, it ain’t easy. But if it was– it wouldn’t be worth fighting for.

There is noting like sacrifice and being able to struggle and hustle for what we believe in. And that is what is going to happen with the whole movement musically and entertainment as a whole.

LR: There are many, but what are the issues in our community that we need to take ownership of?

Pit: Yes there are a lot of issues, and yes, lot of problems; but you always have to think ‘no problems—just solutions’.

The two issues are, first in our communities: if we don’t go out there and vote, if we don’t go out there and march, go out there and show them how powerful our voices are, nothing will ever change.

Secondly, we have to go out there and show that we want change and that we want them to put an eye on these issues and respect where we are coming from.

LR: What does it mean to you to be at ALMA Awards, an all-Latino show produced by the National Council of La Raza.

Pit: Goes to show you what it is to work hard, what it is to struggle. It goes to show you how powerful we are, when we are united.

LR: Amen to that.

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