Portable GPS technology has emerged as one of the most useful advances in the personal accessory arena, and has seen a significant growth within the last few years. The first generation units pale in comparison to today’s highly advanced and much more affordable products. Often times the old units had poor signal strength, forcing users to rely on local methods of navigation, rendering the GPS system almost useless. Another common gripe among users of the first generation products was the lack of updated maps or non-labeled construction areas, leaving those relying on the GPS systems stranded and frustrated. Today’s GPS market is very competitive, with many companies offering great GPS systems at affordable prices. When it comes to picking the best GPS product for your money, Clarion’s ClarionMiND stands head and shoulders above the rest, and it carries the best possible price for the consumer.

You can do a variety of things with the ClarionMiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device – surf the Internet, get directions, you can even play movies and music. With ClarionMiND, you’ll enjoy the benefits of many devices in one sleek, portable package. Stow it in your bag when you go on vacation, check e-mail at the coffee shop or use the device whenever you’re running about. This portable touchscreen is as fun to use as it is user friendly, making the learning curve for this device almost non-existent.

You can play your movie and music files, view photos, watch YouTube videos, or play online games with the ClarionMiND. Built-in RealPlayer is compatible with most file formats, and gives you almost DVD-quality playback. Use the Music Sync application to access your MP3 files from anywhere you have Internet access. Your tunes are stored on a remote server, so you can synch them to the ClarionMiND any time you’re online.

With Wireless Internet access hot spots more available, the ClarionMiND can surf the Internet in any Wi-Fi hotspot or via your home wireless network, while you view full web pages on its large wide screen. You’ll find popular web applications like MySpace, YouTube, weather, news, and e-mail built right in. On the road away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can use your Bluetooth-enabled phone and data plan to access the Internet.

The ClarionMiND GPS navigation gives you turn-by-turn map and voice guidance as you drive, and you’ll see maps of the entire U.S. and Canada clearly on the big touchscreen. You’ll hear street names called out as you follow directions to your destination. A Traffic.com widget displays traffic jam info, so you won’t get caught in the latest pile-up. Split-screen mode lets you keep an eye on the weather, news, your music, and other information as you navigate. You can mount the ClarionMiND on your car’s windshield or console with the cradle and power outlets that are included system.

This GPS unit really stood out from the rest, as the other brands only feature basic navigation for the same price as this multifunctional unit. The device left us raving with positive feedback, as we used the ClarionMiND while on the road to the Denver Lowrider Show, and as well as on our trips back home, as the ClarionMiND helped us navigate the pesky Los Angeles traffic with ease. This portable GPS system will be all you need to help you get around town or to help you plan out your quickest route to the next car show.