Rust-Oleum Automotive Lacquer Thinner
Rust-Oleum recently launched a comprehensive line of solvents and removers to round out their automotive program. These products are ideal for use on cars, trucks, metal surfaces and more. The solution based solvents and removers thin paints and resins, cut through automotive finishes leaving the surface clean and ready for topcoat paint application. A few stand out performers are the Rust-Oleum Lacquer Thinners. The General Purpose Lacquer Thinner is offered in a gallon, and is formulated for fast evaporation. It is also excellent for cleaning brushes and other paint equipment after use. The Professional Grade Lacquer Thinner is offered in both a quart and gallon. This high solvency-medium dry formula provides excellent leveling and gloss when used with lacquer and primers. For more information visit:

New 3-Bolt Steering Wheel Adapter
Flaming River Industries has released a new 3 Bolt Billet Aluminum Steering Wheel Adapter for the Flaming River tilt steering columns. The FR3302 series wheel adapters are machined from 6061 grade billet aluminum and polished to a high luster and are designed to mount any traditional 3 bolt steering wheel to the Flaming River column with a smooth and seamless appearance. For more information and fitments please visit:

Memphis Introduces New Cast Subwoofers
Always a leader in big bass, Memphis Car Audio announces two subwoofers with new voice coil technology: the CM and the C3. The “C” in CM represents the cast aluminum basket of course. The voice coil in the CM is now made with aluminum instead of copper. Aluminum is better at dissipating heat, and therefore able to handle more power. Where previously a 12″ woofer was only able to accept 1000-2000 watts of power, the CM can now receive 1100-2200 watts. That translates to up to 10% more heart-stopping bass potential. For more information please visit:

Taillight Gasket Set for 1967 El Caminos
Steele Rubber Products Inc. announces a new taillight gasket set for 1967 El Caminos and station wagons. These much-needed parts are now available to protect your car from the weather and noise. This kit is a 6 piece set that will seal both taillights. The parts replace factory numbers #7647476, #7647477, #5959067, and #5959068. Our seals have an authentic look and are made with heat and ozone-resistant rubber compounds. Close attention to detail ensures the highest quality fit and appearance. Steele stands behind all products by offering a money-back guarantee if a customer is not completely satisfied. For more information visit:

Goodyear’s Latest High-Performance Tire
Continuing the momentum of new product development, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced another in a line of high-performance tires, the Eagle GT, available this summer at the thousands of locations in the Goodyear retail network. The Eagle GT begins availability in July with the initial 24 sizes, representing 70 percent of the volume potential in this segment. Overall, the line will add 19 more sizes by September, creating a 43-size lineup, ranging from 15- to 22-inch wheel diameters to fit a wide range of high-performance vehicles. Design features include an aggressive dual zone asymmetric tread with an outboard High Performance Zone to aid grip and responsive handling, and an All Season Zone on the inboard side for all-season traction. Goodyear’s TredLock(tm) Technology microgrooves in the All Season Zone help provide all-season traction during normal driving, but lock together in handling maneuvers to provide a solid foundation for cornering. For more information visit: