Mighty Lowrider Signs
MightyImage Collectibles along with Lowrider Magazine is pleased to announce the release of the first ever Lowrider Garage Art signs! This series of 7 American made collectible metal signs comes in a variety of designs and sizes and will add that Lowrider touch to any garage! The full line of signs is now available for order at www.pasttimesigns.com or by calling 619-562-5264. Starting at just $21, these vintage-looking signs are the perfect accessories for any garage. For more information contact Greg@Pasttimesigns.com.

Air Way Fittings
Air-Way Manufacturing Company is introducing their new “Direct Connect” product line. The design of this new product provides advantages over the commonly used 45 and 90 hose ends like improved hose assembly routing, increased hose life, easier replacement of hose assemblies when necessary, reduced stress on 45 and 90 hose end assemblies, use of straight hose ends for easy assembly while reducing costs, and improved fluid flow characteristics. This new design also allows for the availability of a 180 connection. For more information, please contact Air-Way’s Sales Department at (800) 253-1036.

Trifolio Wheel
Forgiato is known to be the most creative and unique wheel manufacturer with wheels such as the Radurra (clear wheel) and the Parlaro (one spoke wheel). They continue this trend of groundbreaking wheel designs with the all new Trifolio. If you can tell from the picture, the flange looks like no other wheel in the world. With the ability to customize each part of the wheel in any color or finish combination, the options are countless with this wheel. It will be available in up to an 11″ lip! For more information visit www.Forgiato.com to see the Trifolio.

1941-48 Chevrolets Trunk Floor Kit
New from EMS automotive, this new replacement trunk floor kit for 1941-48 Chevrolets is flat and smooth for easy installation with stamped ribs for extra support. The 18 gage rust resistant steel parts also include precision cut outer shape for exact fit. Under floor supports are included and extend completely from side to side and rearwards from the rise over the axle to the trunk floor extensions. The spare tire well is also available if needed. For more information visit www.emsautomotive.com.