All Star Series Lowrider Muffler
3A Racing released an exclusive series of patented muffler designs for hot-rods, lowriders, and street rods. Constructed from full stainless T304, it’s perfect for vehicles with lowered suspensions or limited mounting space. The All Star Series lowrider muffler increases exhaust flow and produces up to 40 percent less back pressure compared to stock mufflers. It’s available in both single- and dual-tip styles., West Coast 310.436.3600, East Coast 718.886.6600

Tubing Bending Pliers
Dynapex Tubing Bending pliers make bending tubing as easy as bending steel wire with regular pliers for brake lines, fuel lines, and other tubing lines on and off your vehicle.

Trailer Ramps For Your Low Ride
Brute Industries, manufacturers of Race Ramps, offers its patented Trailer Ramps to help get low-ground-clearance vehicles onto trailers without scraping the nose on the trailer ramp door. Trailer Ramps are another innovative use of Brute Industries’ patented, super-lightweight, 100 percent solid construction technology. Simply place the trailer door or existing ramps [see photo] of your open trailer on the notch of these specially designed ramps for a more gradual angle of approach-4-inch high ramps are 46 inches long and 14 inches wide, reduce the angle of approach to 5.5 degrees, and can accommodate tires up to 12 inches wide. Trailer Ramps are lightweight and have built-in straps to allow easy transport and the ability to be hung on a wall. Trailer Ramps are easy to clean and won’t rust.

Power Window Push and Pull Switch Kits
SPAL USA has expanded its power window aftermarket product line with the new power window Push and Pull switch kit. The Push and Pull switch kit (part number 33040174) is a universal two-door kit designed to be flush-mounted to nearly any vehicle door for a high-quality appearance and simple operation. The kit includes all the components necessary for installation: three push-pull switches, one single frame, one double frame parallel, one double frame horizontal, and wiring harness.

3-In-One No-Rust Shield
Protect your tools and equipment with the new 3-In-One No-Rust Shield. It was developed at the WD-40 Research and Development Center and offers state-of-the-art technology coupled with the respected 3-In-One name, all from a company with more than 50 years of experience in developing high-quality products at a great value. Metal-seeking vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI) from the product migrate through an enclosed space to form an invisible layer that seals metals against air and moisture, which can cause rust and corrosion. The unit protects exposed metal in enclosed spaces without harmful effects on electrical, mechanical, or chemical properties.

New ’55 and ‘57 Bel Air Convertible Body Shells
Who says time travel is impossible? Bob’s Classic Chevy can take you back to the ’50s with brand-new reproduction ’55 and ’57 Bel Air convertible body shells. Built to OEM specifications, the shell features heavy-gauge, spot-welded steel, including fenders, quarter panels, doors, hinged hood and deck lid, braces, and floor pans, and is ready to mount onto an original or custom chassis. 866.572.4389

New Valve Covers for your Small-Block
Specialty Auto Parts USA has done it again with the new dynamite surface finishes coupled with a dynamic new design to highlight these valve covers. Specialty Auto’s all-new slant edge die-cast aluminum covers have been licensed by GM Performance Parts to carry the Bow Tie and Chevrolet name, which are reserved for premium-quality products only. The breather grommet is supplied with each cover, and a no-emblem, highly polished, slant-edge version is also available. Specialty Auto Parts stylish but aggressive-looking valve covers fit any ’58-’86 Chevy small-block and are available in black crinkle, polished, chrome, metallic gray, or Chevy Orange, and feature raised or recessed logo styles. The design allows for the use of larger rockers and the covers include an OE-style oil baffle.

Vintage Air Sure Fit For ’61-’64 Chevy Impalas
This Gen IVT climate control system now delivers Vintage Air’s famous just-right temperatures and dehumidified defrost to ’61-’64 Chevrolet Impalas. Sure Fit Chevrolet A/C, heating, and defrost systems are designed specifically for your classic Chevy. The Gen IVT uses an exclusive, fully electronic microprocessor control system that requires no cables or vacuum connections. Separate heating and cooling coils and a SPAL permanent magnet blower motor give you maximum capacity and performance. The kit includes all the parts to modify your factory controls with their new cable converter slide potentiometer adapters. Sure Fit systems attach to existing holes in your dash and firewall in most cases. Vintage Air has provided high-quality climate control systems to the lowrider and classic car industry for over 30 years., 800.862.6658

Firehawk Heavy-Duty Floor Mats
Designed and manufactured by American Auto Accessories, it is the automotive industry’s first all-tire tread pattern floor mat based on Firestone’s performance tires. Each Firehawk floor mat is constructed from durable thermal plastic rubber with raised contours to trap mud, snow, and all debris. Available in both two- and four-piece sets with trim to fit designs for all hot-rods, lowriders, or street rods.

High-Performance OE Prototype for Motorcycles
Kicker continually reaches new heights with the most innovative products and ideas, so it’s no surprise that the quintessential mobile-audio leader will now take its signature sound on a different ride down the highway. It has developed a high-performance OE audio system, complete with pounding bass for motorcycles. The system consists of dual mid- and high-frequency drivers mounted in the Street Glide’s trademark “Bat Wing” fairing, along with a pair of 10-inch subwoofers installed in custom-fabricated, hard-covered saddlebags. The bags are styled to complement the original classic lines of this popular touring bike.