Right out of high school, Daniel Esparza from Riverside, California, landed a job in airbrushing. “My friend got me a job. Even though I had no airbrushing experience, he knew that I’ve been creating art in general my whole life.” Daniel was taught how to airbrush and from there he was on his way to master this way of art in no time.

Currently, Daniel has over 13 years of airbrushing experience, and it shows with his current artwork. “I’m Mexican and my family is really into anything that has to do with our culture. So I felt it would be right that my art would reflect my culture as well.” His Day of the Dead artwork not only reflects his culture, it also reflects how well he has come along in the airbrushing scene, as his Day of the Dead pieces are some of the best drawings we have seen.

Daniel will keep on producing a lot more Day of the Dead art creations before moving into something else. If you would like to see more of his work, check out his website at www.brainstormgallery.com.