Her love and appreciation for the automotive arts really flared up in 2008 when she found out how much of a gear head her boss at the time was. He taught her random things like, how to tell if a car is a genuine Super Sport, the importance of searching junkyards, or how to know the differences between chopping, channeling and sectioning. “He talked about the lines and the curve of the car body as if he was talking about the shape of a woman. It was beyond inspiring to hear him talk. You could see and feel his passion for cars and he treated car modifications like it was more than art, like it was his religion;” explains Elrod.

He then introduces her to the art of the great Art Fitzpatrick and from then on it was love for Elrod. Fitzpatrick’s art was famous for widening and lowering the cars ever so slightly so they looked more beefy and had a strong, yet graceful, appearance. “I started toying around with the same concepts of widening and lowering my drawings of cars and I got hooked. I started learning about guys like the Barris Brothers and Larry Watson and I really started to feel inspired.” By nature Elrod is gaudy and she has an affinity for things that are outlandish and sparkly. So Lowriding seemed like the natural progression. “Lowriding encompassed everything I love about the world. Beautiful cars, gorgeous women, people with pride and sparkly paintjobs. The whole lowriding culture is full of history and is an art form unlike any other and I wanted to be a part of it so bad. To honor the cars and the owners that created them became my biggest driving force and has ultimately gotten to me to where I am with my artwork.”