Some people are blessed to find their calling early in life, and at an age where most kids are sporadically throwing paint on boards, Marcos was already drawing choppers. The kindergarten student was ahead of the curve, having already found his life’s passion. “Those are the earliest memories I have of drawing cars and I never stopped drawing. My dad was into building custom cars, so I was exposed to it at an early age,” explains Marcos. “My family was never really into sports, so going to car shows like the Autorama was our sport, and we shared that activity together as a family.” Marcos was also exposed to the phenomenon that was cruising Story and King in the ’70’s, and for those that don’t know, this intersection is one of Lowriding’s most historic and exciting landmarks. The background he developed with a brush and a canvas spilled over into his own garage, as he got older. “When I built my car, I saw it more as another piece of art, as opposed to just a project car,” says the artist. “The car is just another form of a canvas for me.”

Before he held the keys to his own dream machine, the young artist would attend various car shows, giving him the culture and influence he needed to push his art to the next level. “I painted cars because I wasn’t as interested in painting people,” he explains. “That may sound fairly simple, but there are a lot of stories of my life that revolve around the love of my culture. The paintings have a lot of meaning to me and are very personal.” One look at his artwork certainly proves Marco is right, and one can bet that his influence will shine for a long time as Marcos’ two girls have already started taking up drawing cars.