Career inspiration can come at any stage in a person’s life and in the case of this month’s profile; Lowrider Magazine has been blessed to be a part of that process. Napa, CA resident Rob Struven used to draw cars and women off from the pages of Lowrider Magazine when he was in middle school. “Cars and girls were two of the coolest subject matters,” he says with a grin. His passion for art became more intense during his high school years, but it wasn’t until a few years after he graduated that he took a more serious approach into art. Rob enrolled himself into the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, in a quest to become the best artist he could become.

While he remains dedicated in his pursuits in the arts, the medium of tattooing has become his bread and butter. “I started tattooing out of the office in one of my friends’ auto shop; that’s where the name ‘Garage Ink’ comes from,” he explains. Rob’s initial projects included tattooing a few of his friends and it snowballed into a full-on career from there. Since those early days, Rob has moved out of his friend’s auto shop and has opened up his own place at 1525 Lincoln Ave. in Napa. “I have the shop going with five guys here and we all get along really well.” He also splits time by working one day out of the week with Horitaka at State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose.

The subjects that captivated him initially have stuck with him over the years. “My art has always been centered around cars and all of the different forms of art that revolve around car culture and I want to expand on that,” says the determined artist. A dedicated car builder, Ron is also a member of Royal Cruisers car club and has multiple, cars including a chopped Merc.

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