As a kid Pete Tapang who was born in Germany but moved to San Diego later on in life would always be drawing. One day as he attended Sunday school, he drew a picture and the teacher told him that it was really good and that he should keep drawing and that’s exactly what Pete kept doing. “Back in high school during my art class, my teacher told us to draw a female and I couldn’t do it since I was used to drawing comic book characters and stuff like that. As I kept practicing and doing more and more I started getting pretty good at it” says Pete who kept drawing women because they are the most beautiful thing in the world.

One time during class, one of his classmates brought an issue of Lowrider Arte and showed it to Pete. “I was going thru it and I thought to myself, Man there is some really cool stuff in here. I saw the themes and the culture that were in Lowrider Arte, it inspired me to come up with my own theme.”

For the most part, Pete’s work is done with pencil but he wanted to tryout something different and experimented with Photoshop. “After that, me and another artist got into this argument about technology and how you can’t art with certain things and I felt it was the same thing but in a computer instead of canvas.” The other artist made a bet with Pete that he would be unable to do serious artwork on the iPad. A bet for $1,400 was made. “Some of the pieces I submitted were done with the iPad and I also bought the iPad with the money I won,” says Pete as he laughed about it.

I saw the themes and the culture that were in Lowrider Arte, it inspired me to come up with my own theme.

For various reasons Pete put his artwork on hold in 2005 and didn’t get back into it until January 2011. “One of my models got me back into it over a football game. It was the Giants versus the Eagles and the bet was that if the Giants won I would have to start drawing again and also make a drawing of her. And if the Eagles won she would FedEx me a shot of Jim Beam.” Even though the Eagles won that game, Pete felt bad because she really wanted him to do a drawing of her so he ended up doing it anyways.

Pete would like to thank his family, his art teacher Mr. O’cconor and the model that brought him back to doing art, Jennifer Swift.