Sal Elias grew up in the city of Santa Ana were his skills as an artist started at a young age since he liked sketching and drawing more than doing homework. Sal lived in the same street as Legendary Aribrush artist Eliezer where he would work on Lowrider cars in his garage. Sal remembers walking home from Elementary school and hanging out with Eliezer, seeing him work Sal’s interest in airbrushing grew and he started by airbrushing T-Shirts. After graduating from High School, Sals skills grew even more and his demand for airbrushing on Lowriders was so big that he started doing it full time. With the support of his family and close friends, he was always surrounded by great airbrush artist like Gerald Mendez and Fonzy. His artwork is referenced from real life experiences which helps to add to his customers need. A few years later, his friend Japo got him to pick up a tattoo machine and his career began as a tattoo artist. Sal’s work now consists of Airbrushing cars, tattooing and creating fine art for galleries and conventions. To check out more of his work visit him at: