Gustavo Rimada was born in Torreon, Mexico, in 1981 and was raised in Indio, California. While in school, he spent day after day drawing and painting graffiti images. In 2001, Gustavo attended the Art Institute of Los Angeles to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation. After realizing he did not have a passion for computer animation, he dropped out of school and joined the U.S. Army in 2002. The military led him to Alaska where he took a long, overdue break from art and paint and anything that involved creativity. After completing his military service, he worked different odd jobs then landed a job in a tattoo shop. While working in the shop, he found his passion for art again. Inspired by pin-up artist Gil Elvgren, Gustavo began painting beautiful women and started filling their bodies with tattoos while telling a story. His art is heavily influenced by his Mexican heritage, tattoo art, and art from the streets. His inspirations also come from artists like Olivia, Alberto Vargas, Frida, Robert Williams, Sylvia Ji, and Joshua Petker. Gustavo’s commitment to succeed as a fine artist, led him back to California were he now resides in Indio. Gustavo is currently working with companies who have taken his artwork to another level in the fashion world. Companies such as Black Market Art, Cannibal Flower, and Pinup Girl Clothing, just to name a few, have used his drawing and have hired him to do commission pieces for the fashion industry. Gustavo is a devoted father, husband and family man, but nonetheless a passionate artist. Check out more of Gustavo’s artwork on