We all like change and this is exactly what Summer brings. She’s bringing the heat and along with it a fresh perspective. So break out the lawn chairs because she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Medium: Stencils, Acrylics & Spray Cans
Web: www.dripbook.com/soulstiz

In the world of art, men have predominantly been the center of attention but the upsurge of great female artists has created a new movement that’s opened up both our eyes and our minds. Even the worst of critics have had nothing bad to say about these female artists and it’s with great honor and due respect that we’re featuring Summer-the first female to ever be featured in Lowrider Arte magazine.

Her keen eye and articulate hand has created some of the most stunning works of art and she’s already gained a mass following of patrons who frequent the many galleries where her art is displayed. Born in the small town of Turlock, California, she started painting at the age of 14 with leftover house paint and created her first mural which was influenced by Japanese style artwork. In fear that she’d get in trouble for painting on the walls, Summer created the piece in her closet. After days of debating as to whether or not she should show her parents, the excitement kicked in and she decided to show them. The result? Her mother saw the work, recognized her daughters talent and let her mural the entire room.

This ulitmately watered the seeds of her talent and by the age of 18, she became an art junkie immersed into the world of graffiti culture. Summer (known on the streets as Solstiz) created her first character of a skull on a freeway overpass and immediately after that, she knew she was going to take it to the next level. It was also perfect timing that her good friend, Ivan Gonzalez, recognized the same passion and talent that her mother had seen, so he introduced her to the art of stenciling. Instead of being complacent with a single layer, Summer decided to add a little pizazz by creating a multilayer stencil. At first use, her stenciling was giving many artists a run for their money. When her work began to pop up all over town, she slowly earned a reputation of being not just another artist, but being one of the best. As the year went by Summer started to showcase her work in different galleries. By 2004, her move to Los Angeles brought her new geographic fanfare as well as her very own gallery.

Summer’s the quintessential example that the American dream can come true and the fact that she’s a woman who is changing the art game in more ways than one. She is a leader by example, an artist by experience and her critically acclaimed work just goes to show that she can be a role model for male and female artists. So be on the lookout because Summer’s career has just begun.