As the lowriding movement continues to age and persevere, many car clubs associated with the lifestyle have come and gone, but few have withstood the test of time, celebrating 10 or more years in existence. A mix of memorable and well-built rides may define the car club to outsiders, but it’s the quality of the members that actually keeps the club intact and running smooth.

One such club was formed on the strict ideals of unity, not only among its members, but among the lowriding community as a whole. Back in August 2003, six friends came together to form Unidos Car Club, based in Los Angeles. They implemented the notion that friendship would always come first within the club, and with that, honesty and integrity would define the group.

Throughout the club’s first decade, the membership increased from those original six members to 11 and 15 club cars. Even though the club has remained structured as a single chapter, it has still seen its ups and downs, highs and lows. Regardless, with friendship as a major backbone to its existence, a family-like bond keeps the club strong and club functions fun.

Every other week, the Unidos club members will meet up on the infamous Whittier Boulevard in Montebello, California. They will discuss club issues and upcoming events. They share ideas and help each other out, but more than anything, it’s a great way for these friends to come together and spend time together, joking around and having that unique lowriding camaraderie. On a regular basis, the club members and their families will get together for barbeques and birthday parties. Attending local car shows and the Las Vegas Super Show keeps the members pushing forward and motivated. The standards of the club are some of the highest around, so it’s no wonder that the cars are as equally impressive as the members themselves. The cars range from old-school classics to newer rides, all with the traditional lowrider styles.

Congratulations go out to Unidos Car Club for hitting their first big milestone and for keeping the lowriding movement positive and in high gear!