Genaro Mendoza of Oceanside, California, first became hooked on lowriding when he was just thirteen years old. The mere sight of riders in his neighborhood excited the young man and he quickly knew that lowriding would be a way of life. Five years later, an eighteen-year-old Genaro joined Members Only car club, eager to participate in the culture that made him. Although this was two decades ago, he remembers it like it was yesterday; just like many low-low enthusiasts who have loved the culture since they were kids. He ended up buying this ’62 Chevrolet Impala pedal car when Carlos C. de Vaca invited the club to display some of their bikes and strollers at the Lowrider Legends of San Diego exhibit. The show served as motivation for Genaro, and he bought and built this ’62 with only two weeks in which to do it. Genaro worked long hours to make it happen, and he made it in time, as this beauty was a fresh new exhibit at the San Diego Automotive Museum.

Genaro took it upon himself to do the bodywork before having Parker Airbrushing in Oceanside, California, paint it and stripe it, using candy gold paint with orange, blue, and pink patterns. M.O. Upholstery in Oceanside, California, came in next to stitch the seat with tan leather. The two-week project ended up running him $1,200. Genaro would like to thank his family for their support and his fellow Members Only car club members.