Mya Alexis Tapia of Carson City, Nevada, is following in her father’s, Manuel Tapia, footsteps. Thanks to him, she was born into the lowrider scene; as her dad is known to take his chop-top Monte Carlo out on the streets daily. As she grew older, she began to appreciate the culture even more and learned to love going to the local area car shows. When she was just 9 years old, she approached her dad about wanting to fix up a pedal car to compete at car shows like he did. Touched by her intention, Manuel quickly agreed to help her and was all the more impressed that she already had the vision of giving it a “Monster High” theme, as it is one of her favorite cartoons. Together, the father and daughter started immediately on the pedal car project. In its early days of competing, the car never placed, but undeterred by their lack of car show success, the duo continued to work on the project. In time, they began placing here and there but they wanted to build the best pedal car out there, so they decided to strip down the project and totally redo it.

The remodeling started with Tony Stanfield, of Innovative, who made a suicide hood with a firewall, frenched the headlights and tail lights, and remolded the front and rear end. Jason Juliet, of AS Custom Auto Art in Fernley, Nevada, did the bodywork before Armando Serrano added the candy and metallic paintjob—complete with fingerprint and water drop patterns, silver leafing, and the Monster High murals. Margarito Patino, of Hot Stuff in San Antonio, Texas, went old school with a biscuit tuck and mirrors for the interior. Carlos Salas, of Pasadena, California, handled the engraving while Juan Monroy in Carson City, Nevada, did the chrome. Krazy Kutting finished off the Pedal Car with some custom parts in addition. Since its transformation, the Pedal Car has placed first and taken home Best of Show honors at both the Fresno Show and the Las Vegas Super Show.

“There is no better feeling then to know your child loves and has the same passion for the lowrider scene as her parents do,” says a beaming Manuel. Mya would like to thank Armando Serrano, Jason Juliet, Tony Stanfield, Mathew Singh, Jan Monroy, Carlos Salas, Krazy Kutting, Margarito Pation, and most of all, her parents.