“I got the idea of building the strollers from the DeAlba family. I also always admired how the DeAlbas’ were constantly modifying their kids’ strollers and pedal cars,” says Hernan D’Aloia. Inspired, he promised himself that when he had kids, he would do the same for them. When his boy, Blas, was born, Hernan created the “Blas Edition,” and when he second child was born, so was the “Julian Edition.” “I was fortunate enough that Greg DeAlba painted both of the strollers, since I always admired the work they did on their strollers,” says Hernan. Both strollers were baby shower gifts that were purchased on eBay. “They were both old and rusty,” laughs Hernan. Even though the strollers are fully detailed and have taken top awards at such illustrious shows as the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, they were built for the kids to use. Quite often, fellow show attendees would see the kids being pushed around in them at many events, including the Lowrider Magazine Super Show in Las Vegas, NV. “I always planned for the builds to be over-the-top, and we did that with the Blas. Later on, I went even further with Julian’s,” explains the proud father.

Hernan sends his thanks to Tio Woody and Bobby Mac for getting the strollers for the kids, and also Greg DeAlba, Danny D, and DTwist.

Tech Specs

“Blas and Julian’s Edition”

Owner: Blas and Julian D’Aloia

Strollers: 1949 and 1948 Taylor Tot Stroller

City/State: Montclair, CA

Body/Paint: Greg DeAlba, from Mario’s Auto Works, molded and modified the strollers, he then candy painted them and flaked them with patterns. The Leafing and stripes were done by Danny D., at Mike Tippets, in Baldwin Park, CA.

Engraving: Engraving and chrome work by Engrave It, Inc.

Mods: Special modifications by Eric at ADF and T-handles by Toyshop.