When you build a car and you enter it in car show competitions you don’t ever think that you will even place. When you get your first it’s a boost of confidence and you start setting goals, but for Jesus Contreras of Tijuana, Mexico, the thought of 100 trophies with his ’52 Chevy truck “La Morena” was not even a goal when he started competing. Living south of the border there hasn’t been enough local events to rack up the trophies, so most of his awards have been won in the USA, throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. This past summer Jesus accomplished his goal of 100 trophies with his custom truck that has earned the respect on both sides of the Mexican border.

With that said, we caught up to Jesus as he threw down a big celebration recognizing the accomplishment that he dedicated to his hometown of Tijuana. The all day event had all the local clubs attending while the bands played through out the day. The high light was the custom hydraulic setup that was given to one of his guests through a raffle. Since the celebration, Jesus has started on his ’64 Impala project to cure the car show itch and has already set the same goals for this show car.