It’s never too early to get behind the wheel of your dream car; especially if you are a two-year old enthusiast like Jonathan Berrueta. While normal days for a kid his age might consist of sleeping, eating, and watching cartoons, this car enthusiast is already spending his Saturday mornings headed out to car shows with his parents and members of the Best of Friends car club to expand his interest in a hobby he has already begun to love. It only took a few of these car show trips to make this toddler enthusiastically ask his parents for a pedal car. Within a few months, Jonathan had his wish and his parents purchased a pedal car at the Pomona Swap Meet. Shorty after they brought it home, the pedal car was stripped down and the undercarriage was taken to Alex, at HP Chrome and Polish, in Bell Gardens, to have the parts stripped and polished. Carlos Salaz, of Azusa, CA., took the polished parts and added some engraving to it. The shell was then dropped off to Edgar Rodriguez, of Maximum Image, in Azusa, CA., for him to add a House of Kolor Gold paintjob. While a Mexican Revolution theme served as the main mural for the outside of the car, it also boasts a mural of Jonathan in the rear. Gil, of Gil’s Upholstery, in Bell Gardens, CA., stitched together the alligator insert with ostrich wrap. The car was dubbed “El Jefe” because at only two years old, Jonathan is clearly the boss of his house. Jonathan and his parents would like to thank everyone involved in the build of this one-of-a-kind pedal car.