Creation often involves human invention and imagination. It is a concept that breeds originality and expression, and nothing embodies the spirit of creation like a Lowrider! Add the words “One and Bad” in front of “Creation,” and you have the name of one of the top clubs in Lowriding; One Bad Creation car club. Formed in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California in 1989, this club of tightly knit Lowrider enthusiasts sought out to make their mark on the Boulevard with creativity, passion, and solidarity. In fact, “One Bad Creation” was chosen as a club name because it could represent every member’s car perfectly. Whether in theme, concept, or execution, the founding members had the foresight to know that every car in the club would eventually end up being “One Bad Creation!”

The club has had no problem backing up their name with quality builds over the years, as its members have produced a number of both full show cars and street cars. A few of the club’s cars have graced the inside and cover pages of Lowrider Magazine over the years as well. Although the club is easy going on the requirements for membership, the prospective members build their rides to uphold the standards of the club, focusing on the fundamentals of having a nice paintjob, a top notch interior, and plenty of chrome all around. Like it says on the club’s lower rocker on their plaque, the club has rides from “Mild to Wild,” and each is “One Bad Creation.”

Among the club’s previous LRM features, Cleto Sanchez was a 2008 centerfold feature with “Black Widow,” his 1961 Chevy Impala ragtop. Ricardo Alvarado’s 1987 Buick Regal “El Invisible” was featured in 2009, and Manual Martinez’ 1976 Chevy Caprice was the January 2011 cover feature. The always-active club has also been featured in Lowrider Magazine show coverage as well as in other automotive publications.

The club’s accolades don’t stop at magazine coverage either. Plenty of trophies have adorned the club’s rides as well. Members’ cars have won Best Lowrider and Best Lowrider truck at shows dating back as far as 1988. Cleto’s ‘61 Impala has won numerous awards on its own, including Best Traditional at shows in San Diego, San Bernardino, and Phoenix, Arizona. Cleto’s ‘63 Impala took Best Candy at the 2002 Lowrider Magazine show in Fontana, California. Manual’s Caprice won best interior at the 2010 Las Vegas Super Show. America, (Gabriel’s daughter) was awarded best three-wheeler and third place sweepstakes with the “Diablita” at the 2010 Las Vegas Super Show.

Currently, President Cleto Sanchez and Vice President Jaime Anaya, who guide the club with the bylaws that have been in place since 1989, head the club. As Jaime stated, “Everyone in the club is treated equally, and all decisions are ruled by the majority.” The members always vote as a club on decisions pertaining to the club. The officers of the club keep the members motivated and active by helping them to work on their cars, organizing club events, and asking for input on club issues. There are currently twenty active members in One Bad Creation, but they have had as many as 30 members at one time. The majority of the members are from cities in the San Fernando Valley area, like Sylmar, Granada Hills, Canoga Park, and Reseda, but they also have members from Glendale, La Puente, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of the members have multiple cars, but the club’s focus has always been quality over quantity.

Family is also a prime focus for the club, with about 90 percent of the club’s members being married with children. Many of the members’ children have their own pedal cars and Lowrider Bicycles that sport the One Bad Creation car club plaque. The club also includes the family in all of its outings, bringing everybody to the car shows they attend in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Thanks to their twenty-two year tenure and one chapter formation, “One Bad Creation” will continue to make their mark on the culture for years to come. They insist on remaining a one-chapter club as well, despite the fact that “they are scattered everywhere,” as one member happily explained. A good percentage of the members have been in the club for over ten years. Vice President Jaime Anaya and club member Albert Raygosa have been members for 17 years. With years of membership and a commitment to family, solidarity, and creativity, there is no question that the club will be around for a long time, supporting the Lowrider culture by creating history; one bad creation at a time.