Aftermarket vehicle customization has long been car enthusiasts’ favorite pastime. Ever since Ford rolled that first Model-T off the assembly line, car buyers have turned to vehicle customization to showcase their own individuality, as well as to add eye appeal and dollar value to their rides. From this inception, the Automobile Aftermarket Industry was born. Through the years, a seemingly endless list of options have become available to the public, from custom paint jobs to souped up motors, plush interiors, trims, lights, lenses, sound systems, and so forth. The changes in this industry have been numerous and the options plentiful, but one form of personal expression via vehicle customization has withstood the ages, and remains the most popular of all; custom rims and tires.

Replacing stock wheels with a shiny new set of custom rims is quite possibly the most popular and economical way for car enthusiasts to personalize their vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd. Because of the influx in market potential, long gone are the days when there were just two or three manufacturers and styles for people to choose from. It seems that rim shops have popped up on every corner, in every urban area, and of course, across the Internet.

With all of the choices available today, how does one know what to buy and who to buy from? In this seemingly endless sea of companies that cater to the aftermarket rim buyer, one company stands out as a diamond in the rough: Patriot’s Custom Wheels. Not only does Patriot’s Custom Wheels carry one of the largest selections of custom rims and tires to be found, but they also offer financing to their customers. Opened in 2001, Patriot’s Custom Wheels has grown with the industry and their website, offers an online catalog of thousands of custom rim styles, sizes and finishes, all available to be shipped right to the customer’s door.

While some might be skeptical of choosing the right style online, don’t fret! Thanks to technology, buyers no longer have to drive across town and stand around a showroom looking at rims to imagine what they might look like on their cars. At, consumers can shop from the comfort of their own homes, and preview the rims on their vehicle with the various online fitment tools offered by Patriot’s is also working diligently to develop a new iPhone rim simulator app, The Rimulator® which will further enhance the buying experience by allowing customers to snap an actual photo of their vehicle in Rimfinancing’s own twist on “try before you buy.” The Rimulator® allows buyers to preview how the rims will look on their own vehicle and check out the finished product before any purchase is made.

The owner and officers at Patriot’s Custom Wheels have over 40 years combined experience in financing. Applications for financing can be submitted via their website and during business hours; they also take rim financing applications over the phone, offering instant approval to qualified buyers. The monthly payments are affordable, the interest rates competitive, and by financing the purchase, Patriot’s Custom Wheels takes the sting out of the price of the custom rim purchase.

Once approved, the knowledgeable sales staff is available to assist buyers with correct fitment, pricing, and tips for purchases that you won’t find at other custom wheel companies. Customers can simply tell their rep what style they like, or what look they’re going for, and they’ll be pointed in the right direction. Patriot’s reps will happily provide potential buyers with choices that will not only get them the look they want, but also will fit their vehicle specs. Once the sale is made, the rims and tires are mounted, road-force balanced, packed, and shipped right to the customer’s door. They come ready to bolt-up too, unless any vehicle modifications are needed. Patriot’s is also happy to offer free locking lugs with every purchase, as well as a “Quick-Detailing Kit” to keep those new shoes gleaming!

Patriot’s Custom Wheels’ personalized service doesn’t end with the purchase, either. Their award-winning Customer Service Team is there every step of the way, making doubly sure customers are satisfied with their rim buying experience. Patriot’s offers a warranty on every purchase that is unparalleled in the industry, making the entire rim buying experience worry-free. Take a peek at their website, and check out the customer galleries and testimonials; their loyal customers are not afraid to let the world know how happy they are with their purchases! If you’re not already sold, you will be!

During these lean financial times, it’s comforting to know that there is a company like Patriot’s Custom Wheels out there that offers the public an opportunity to purchase luxury aftermarket rims with an affordable monthly payment, instead of dropping all that cash right up front. Stop by and visit today! They will hook you up.