Some clubs have really paid their dues and have served our culture for a number of years. Classic Oldies is most definitely one of those car clubs. With open arms and hearts; we were welcomed into their world, and upon my arrival at the magazine shoot for this feature, I knew how worthy they were of being in the pages of LRM. As an outsider looking in, I could see that this club might be small, but what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in heart and dedication. A “one-for-all-and-all-for-one” club, Classic Oldies members will ride out at the drop of a hat to do whatever they can to further their car club and fly their plaque around the world. I was especially impressed with their family atmosphere, as the different generations were all involved and on hand to help out with the club’s photo shoot.

This club started off as most clubs do; a few guys who knew each other got together and talked about forming a new club. They did this in September of 1996 at Shakey’s Pizza in La Habra, and haven’t looked back since. The club’s original 11 members consisted of Tony Baltierra, Henry and Edward Vasquez, Ronnie Casias, Guy Loya, Jack Matamoros, Tony Montez, Jerry Petroski, Robert Baltierra, Anthony Baltierra, and Danny Caranza. These guys were all vets who had previously been members of other clubs, which really helped in forming Classic Oldies, as they knew and understood the structure and responsibilities necessary for running an elite car club.

Since the day of its inception 14 years ago, Classic Oldies have been active in a variety of events, and the club has participated in everything from Christmas dances to toy drives, and have thrown some car shows too. Today, Classic Oldies boasts a roster of 21 members. A key part of the club’s success is that Classic Oldies doesn’t have a president, and they decide everything by a vote. This true democracy helps them to avoid the politics that come from traditional structure. After the members vote, they trust a coordinator, John Herrera, and a treasurer, Anthony Baltierra to tally up the count while the rest of the members assist wherever they are needed. This structure has proven to be successful, and given much stability and closeness in comparison to some of the clubs who run the much more traditional model.

Classic Oldies’ newest addition has been their Las Vegas Chapter, whose members attend all of the important club functions with no hesitation. In fact, this past October, Classic Oldies went to the Vegas Super Show and displayed six of the clubs rides in a measure of solidarity. Member Robert Balteirra explained, “It was cool ’cause when we do things, it is as a family; for the simple fact all the families go for the most part. We had a blast in Vegas, and I think we are going to have to go back next year and support this show.”

Classic Oldies have been around for 14 years, although most of them have known each other for closer to 20 years. When they aren’t on the Boulevard, they can usually be found barbequing and relaxing on the weekends, or going to events like the Pomona swap meet. Whatever they are doing, you can count on them upholding the Lowrider culture to the fullest, and we wish them well as they look to enjoy their upcoming 15th year anniversary! Thanks for letting us into your world, Classic Oldies, we wish you continued success and hope the club will be around for another 15 years!