Majestics Car Club is one of the largest and most influential Lowriding car clubs today. With over 32 chapters worldwide and approximately 1,000 total members, this monumental club has left a multidimensional fingerprint on the Lowrider culture. While it’s obvious that the Majestics have made quite the name for themselves; even more impressive is the fact that they have done so by continuously setting the trends among car styles and buildups, that has inspired fellow clubs to follow their lead.

Of course at the top of any successful club’s hierarchy, it is necessary to have strong-minded people with excellent leadership skills who are able to sway, motivate, and inspire the rest of the members of the club. When Majestics Car Club first originated out of Compton, California, there were a handful of individuals who really made an impact on current and prospective members. The President, known as “Gangster,” and the Vice President, known as “Twin,” had quite an effect on many people back in the day, including a young man by the name of Darwin “DMack” Wilson, who joined the club in the ’90’s. DMack felt the brotherhood among the members of the club, and he believed that bond was as strong as the concrete their custom rides were rolling on.

DMack already knew he was a Lowrider for life. He lived just blocks away from the infamous cruising strip of Crenshaw Boulevard and as a youngster, he was understandably impressed by the dream machines he saw out cruising that scene. When it came time to consider joining a club, it was the Majestics who laid down the foundation of what he thought a club should be about, and it was that same ideology that compelled him to look no further. Majestics had an open-minded philosophy which transcended the color lines that had segregated the Compton neighborhoods, and it was the club that did something no other entity could do; bring together Black and Hispanic individuals from various areas of the South Los Angeles, and unite them in a shared custom automotive passion.

Club President Gangster made it clear to DMack that the Majestics’ rules and orders had to be strictly followed if the club was to be kept strong and intact. One of the first and most important club beliefs that had to be understood was the notion of “quality over quantity” when it came to prospective members. As far as Gangster was concerned, it was more important to have a smaller number of extremely dedicated members, than it was to just let anybody in for the sake of increasing the club’s size.

Over a decade has passed since DMack joined the “Big M,” and unfortunately within that time, Gangster moved on and left the club. Twin stepped up as acting President, and with DMack’s excellent tenure and earned respect within the club’s ranks, it was only fitting that he become Vice President of the founding Compton chapter.

Today, DMack is considered by many to be the heart of the entire club, as he has been instrumental in keeping it going and growing by adding many of the additional new chapters, including the newer international divisions. DMack keeps the standards up for the club as a whole and makes sure that all members’ attitudes remain positive, keeping the importance of this mentality over the show value of their cars’ visual appearances. DMack will also diffuse differences between members, but he will always point out that he is not on anyone’s side – he is simply on the club’s side.

In 2007, DMack was given a scare as he was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to take time off from the club. Although he couldn’t always be there for the functions, the members would still take his ride to car shows and cruises, and they would personally offer him their help when needed, just like a close family member would do.

Through the 20-plus years of Lowriding, DMack has owned a variety of custom lowered cars, including a ’62 Impala, ’64 Impala, an ’87 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and a ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood. The latter being the most customized car he’s owned to date, and the car that earned him the coveted cover spot on the October 2007 issue of Lowrider Magazine. Now the owner of his own transportation company, DMack is now clear of cancer and doing much better health-wise, and he says that he has turned his focus on two new buildups; a ’62 Chevy Impala convertible and a ’63 Chevy Impala hardtop. The ’63 is already 99-percent done, but he says the ’62 drop top will definitely be the head-turner of the two when it’s complete. He personally thanks his Detroit chapter for the work they’re doing right now to his ’62.

Looking on into the rest of 2011 and beyond, DMack takes his crucial role in the club in stride in the most humble way. He says that he’s just trying to be the glue of the club. He remembers finding inspiration from looking up to a fellow member of Majestics, a man named A.C. “I looked up to him and respected him a lot because he took care of everything,” DMack says proudly. “Now, I’m just trying to fill his shoes and keep all of the members on the same page. Yeah, we can preach that we’re from the streets, but we’ll continue to have this strong brotherhood from Compton to Amsterdam… And I know it’s that brotherhood that’ll keep the club moving forward.” Spoken like a true leader.