When High Class Car Club started at Roosevelt Park in Los Angles back in August of ’74, no one ever expected it to be as strong as it is today. It’s safe to say that none of the founding club members ever expected the club to be around for as long as it has, and that the club has defied the odds. Most of the original members moved on with their lives, as they started families and left the scene. This changing of the guard was a pivotal occurrence for Luis “Speedy” Rodriguez and Jose Barreras, who joined the club in ’93 and ’94, respectively. After a few years under the leadership of Louie Borrolas, the torch was handed over to this dynamic duo, and they would ultimately make an impact for their club.

When we caught up to the Club President and Vice President, they shared some insight as to the changes they made upon taking over. Under their leadership, the club has become much more family-oriented , a far cry from the dynamics that initially fueled the club.

LRM: How did the club operate in the past, and is it any different now?

HIGH CLASS: When we were all single, we would go cruise Hollywood Blvd. every weekend. The times have changed, as we still go cruising on the weekend, but now we are rolling around with our families. We go cruising, attend car shows, throw picnics; we try to run the club like a big family, with family involvement. We all hang out every weekend, and our kids are growing up in the scene as well, hopefully they will follow in our steps.

LRM: What does it take to be a member of High Class Car Club?

HIGH CLASS: As of right now, we are not taking on any new members unless they have a nice car that’s outfitted with rims, paint and hydraulics. We have had bad experiences in which we have thrown out members who couldn’t measure up to our standards, so now the club attitude is basically that; your car will get you in, and your attitude will keep you in.

LRM: To what do you owe the success to your club?

HIGH CLASS: We had to change with the times, our club isn’t just lowriders, we also have SUV’s and trucks now. If they are hooked up with a Lowrider style, we can hit other shows that would normally not accept us with our traditional Lowriders. Our club was one of the first, if not the first to hook up the Lowrider-style SUV’s.

LRM: Do you guys think you will expand the club by adding another chapter?

HIGH CLASS: Maybe in the future we can expand, as long as the club mix can be 70% percent Lowriders and the remaining 30% can be comprised of SUVs or trucks with the Lowrider style. Most of our guys have both of them, and usually they are both hooked up properly so that they can fly a High Class plaque.

LRM: What’s in store for the future of the club?

HIGH CLASS: Most of us have more than one car, and are building cars that should be contenders. None of the active members really know how the club started, but they know that they are all one big Lowriding family. The chemistry between Speedy and Jose is good for this club and its fourteen good-hearted and dedicated active members. Now check out this month’s club feature on High Class and their rides. Keep up the selective, first rate work, High Class!