As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children. We want them to have the things we didn’t have at their age, but we also want them to learn the value of hard work, so that they can appreciate the rewards that come with having good work ethics. For 8 year old Julieta “Julie” Lara, hard work has not only earned her a report card filled with straight A’s, it has also paid off in the form of a Lowrider Bicycle, which her parents gave to her in acknowledgment of her hard work.

Julie’s parents did not go out and buy a bike that was already complete, but they decided that her hard work deserved more than just a “ready-made” bike, so her dad took it upon himself to build her a custom bike of his own design.

Julie’s Dad Gerardo aka “Turtle” has been Lowriding for over 20 years, and is a member of Good Times Car Club in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. By trade he is a custom painter, so the prep and paint work of the 1950 German bicycle frame was easily done. The frame was sprayed a mixture of Cobalt Blue and Oriental Blue Candy. Rich from Conejo’s in Sylmar, California, took care of pinstriping the frame.

Joel from Jagster in North Hollywood, California, was contracted to laser cut some metal pieces on the bike including the forks and the pedals of the two-wheeler. Joel also took care of the chrome plating on the bike. The seat, hand grips, and saddle bags were sourced from the Electra Bike Co., and features the same pattern as the forks. The wheels are the original 16″ wheels, but they have also been color matched and chromed to complement the bicycle’s overall look. Turtle finished off the bike with some additional accessories, including handlebar lights, tassels, rear-view mirrors, and capped off the build with a Good Times plaque.

The build took 3 1/2 months to complete, and the bike immediately made an impact at the shows. Julie has won plenty of trophies, including a first place trophy at Lowrider Magazine’s Super Show in Las Vegas. Even though the bike was built to commend Julie for her grades, she still needs to maintain her grades to participate in club activities and to attend shows. The bike has continued to be upgraded every time a new report card arrives home.

At 8 years old, Julie has been Lowriding for all of her life, and is already looking forward to building her first car. As long as she continues her academic excellence, her parents will continue to reward her. While this feature is already a testament to Julie’s hard work, we’re sure that in about 8 years, Julie and her first car will be in the pages of Lowrider Magazine once again. Congratulations to Julie on her hard work and to her parents for teaching her a great life lesson.