Considering the fact that the shop has officially been open for a little over a year, the Krazy Kutting / Karzicon shop in Yuma, Arizona, has already hit the scene like a tornado! This one-stop shop does everything imaginable, mostly catering to the Lowriding genre of car customizing.

In February of 2008, two like-minded men came together to create the shop. Johnny Aguirre, the owner of Krazy Kutting, and Mando Gonzalez, the owner of Karzicon, came together to create a one-stop shop that would employ a number of highly talented individuals who could make dreams come true for potential customers, and help turn their prized-possession vehicles into dream machines.

Krazy Kutting is only in charge of designing and producing custom car club plaques and bicycle parts, while the staff at Karzicon fabricates everything else. Johnny handles the designing, using computer-aided design (CAD) programming to assist in the cutting, engraving and plating of the plaques.

In the continued goal of keeping as much of their services as in-house as possible, the shop maintains and owns their own equipment, including Flow Waterjet machines. The shop is 100-percent committed to their customers, and coupled with their positive rapport with an ever-growing list of clientele, it is obvious that their friendly service and attention to detail has established them as a profitable business that is built for the long haul. One of the shop’s unique service concepts in relation to the plaques which they produce for Lowrider car clubs, is that fact that they are the first company to have absolutely no setup or design fees! This cuts costs for the consumer, and usually gives them a faster turnaround on the products they order.

On a more impressive note, Karzicon made parts for “SJ Trokita,” the ride that took its 3rd Best of Show truck award at this summer’s Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show. The car, “Freak Show,” also took its second Best of Show at the Vegas Super Show, thanks in part to the suspension and engine parts that were produced by Karzicon. “El Cadi 82” took the Best Traditional award in Vegas, with many of its parts coming from Karzicon. In addition to these completed rides, Karzicon has a long list of big projects that they are involved in for 2010.

From custom grilles to A-arms, hydraulic parts, paint, and body modifications, Karzicon handles it all; right on down to putting a design on the head of a bolt! Krazy Kutting handles all the plaques, pendants, accessories, and bike parts as well. You can reach the shop by calling (928) 726-2958 or (928) 750-2324. You may also find pictures of some of their work on their webpage, located at and they can be contacted online via their e-mail at