When 43-year old Brighton, Colorado native Anthony Trujillo was growing up, he dreamed about getting the perfect bicycle to cruise through his Northern Colorado neighborhood. The inspiration came when he attended a flea market in Denver, and saw a Schwinn bike for the very first time. Though he was only 10, the bike made such an impression on him that he vowed he would do everything he could to get a Schwinn of his own. With the image of the two-wheeled beauty still fresh in his mind, he left Colorado for the summer to visit relatives in Texas, something he did every year. This particular trip would hold special meaning for him, however, as for the first time he requested to work in the fields with the hope of gaining enough money to achieve his goal of getting his dream bike. He worked hard, and by the end of summer, Anthony had just enough money to purchase his first bicycle, a Schwinn Scrambler. “From that moment I was hooked.” Anthony recalls.

Over the next few years, the Scrambler was his pride and joy. At the age of 14, Anthony made the decision to customize it. His first Lowrider bicycle was a success, but it also became an addiction, as he couldn’t stop there. During the course of the next ten years, Anthony’s collection grew exponentially. Lowrider bicycles had indeed become his passion, as he would constantly seek out and find vintage and beat up Schwinn bicycles, and restore and revitalize them.

When he married his wife Shannon and took on the father role to her son, Anthony saw it as a chance to build a strong bond by introducing the boy to his love for Schwinn bikes. The child took to the bicycles right away, and by the time Anthony and Shannon’s first daughter was born, he and his son had already built a custom Schwinn bicycle for her.

Now a loving father of four beautiful children, Anthony beams with pride after telling us that each child has embraced the passion for Schwinn bicycles in their own way. Andrew, the oldest of the children, has the most experience building and customizing his very own bicycles. While also attending a very reputable college, Andrew built his three-wheel Orange Krate. Julia, now 10, rides her custom midget Sting Ray, while repairing it and cleaning it herself. Sophia, who is 8-years old, rides her bright yellow Li’l Tiger Schwinn. The youngest son Angelo, trained by eldest son Anthony to ride a bike without training wheels when he was just four years old, rides his orange custom built Li’l Sting Ray. Anthony’s wife Shannon has even gotten involved and had a hand in building her own ’69 Schwinn Lemon Peeler. Anthony’s personal favorite is his perfectly built ’70 Orange Krate.

Anthony currently has over 80 Schwinn bicycles and has no intention of stopping at that number. His goal is to seek out as many neglected Schwinns as possible and bring them back to life. He has become one of the most respected bicycle builders in the four corner area, and can build and fabricate custom parts for almost any bicycle. His passion has grown so large that Anthony created a bicycle club for his family, called Trujillo Family Bicycle Club, and his creativeness can be found at any show his family attends. As each one of his kids loads, unloads and sets up their Schwinn bicycles at shows, they value the time they all get to share together. He has proven that if you want something bad enough, you don’t stop until you have achieved your goal, Schwinn or lose.