In this “How to Tech” we molded tail light housings end pieces out of Pot Metal onto the rear end part of a quarter panel. We did this by using Muggy Weld, LLC who has been supplying industry professionals with high quality maintenance welding alloys and electrodes that are not sold at your neighborhood welding supply store for over 25 years.

We are using Muggy Weld’s Super Alloy 1 that is a multi-metal, low temperature solder with a melting point of 350o. Its unique properties allow you to join copper, aluminum, brass, pot metal, white metal, zinc die cast, stainless, galvanized, pewter and steel in any combination. This rod allows you to join metals such as steel to aluminum, which welding instructors are STILL teaching can’t be done.

Now follow along as master fabricator David Engle makes these quarter panels look much longer as he solders the taillight assembly on to the quarter panels.

1. These quarter panels were ready to be extended attaching a set of tail light housing corners.

2. The tools for today’s tech were this soldering torch and Muggy Weld soldering rods.

3. The surface was prepared by grinding down all of the paint leaving the metal exposed to bare metal.

4. With the surfaces clean the soldering process was started.

5. The low heat from the torch is enough to melt the rod but not enough to warp or melt the pot metal corners.

6. Captain Dave started from the top down as the rod melts and flows down the on to the seam.

7. Using a soft pad on a grinding wheel we knocked down the soldering line.

8. Once the welds where cleaned away they where ready to be filled in.

9. The same soldering process was done on both sides.

10. With the tail lights soldered to the quarter panels all that was left was for the body man to use fiberglass and body filler to smoothen out the new cleaner shaved seam.