When most of us wake up in the morning, we all want to have a clean look so most of us guys need to shave. Believe it or not, this is the same philosophy that some of us use on our rides! Shaving off a few items will help the appearance of your ride and clean up its overall look. Even trimming down the door handles can help to streamline the body lines of your ride. In this month’s tech article, we are going to shave the firewall to clean up the look of an engine compartment.

Most classics had air boxes for the AC and heating system that were part of the engine compartment. Well, modern technology has allowed us to have the same system in half the size, and we are now able to place it under the dash, instead of having it in the engine compartment. Today’s tech will allow us the space to upgrade in the future, helping our setup replace a vintage “air-under-dash” system, in favor of installing a serpentine system that will really “bling out” the engine.

With metal fabrication crucial to our success in this project, we needed to see the experts, so we called upon Dragn’ Shop of Cypress, CA. The Dragn’ Shop is no stranger to metal fabrication, as they have worked on everything from custom dashes to chop tops. With that said, you know that shaving a firewall is par for the course for the Dragn’ shop team. Now follow along, as Joseph of the Dragn’ Shop cleans up this firewall and shows us how a few hours’ work can clean up the appearance of an engine compartment.