Here’s a Fender Repair made “EZ,” or should we say, “Go-Ez,” as master sheet metal fabricator Dave Engle works his metal fabricating skills to salvage a 40-yeaar-old fender. Go-Ez Customs of Anaheim, known for their metal fabrications, seemed to be the logical choice for this month’s “Resto-Tech.”

Back when these cars were new, restoration was never thought of as a possibility, due to the prevalence of American steel within the factory builds. These cars were solid as a tank, and if they were involved in an accident you would be able to go to the dealer and buy some replacement parts for it. After a few years of shelf life, these heavy-duty parts ran out, and stores like Cars Inc. popped up as the only suppliers of replacement sheet metal for some of GM’s more popular cars. Even though these fenders came with a design flaw, nobody in the aftermarket realm is creating a patch kit for these vehicles. Basically, if you need to repair or restore your vehicle, you need to create it yourself as we do in this month’s “Resto-Tech” article.

Now, follow along as Dr. Dave from Go-Ez operates and gives new life to a 40-year-old fender.