Building a great Lowrider has always required the creator to focus on the details; especially the paint quality and chrome trim of the vehicle. Classic cars also tend to have gigantic chrome bumpers, so finding a good bumper shop to assist in your designs are essential, although that can be easier said than done. When restoring or customizing a car, the bumpers are usually one of the first parts that need to be sent out. If you want them to be restored properly, you’re going to have to find a shop that isn’t going to leave sanding belt lines on the finish!We headed to Goodmark in Norwalk, CA to drop off these Impala bumpers.

Bumpers can usually help you look into a car’s past. If the car has been banged up by fender benders, the bumpers will usually carry the scars. In order to fix them properly, you need to send them to a reputable shop that has plenty of experience and knowledge on how to refurbish them. A great place to start is Goodmark Industries, which was founded in 1991. Almost 20 years later, this shop hasn’t lost a step, as they offer show quality chrome service that is convenient for most builders, and a to-your-door service that can be ordered through the internet.

Simply put, there is no need to go looking for the shop that claims to triple plate, when Goodmark delivers the show finish every time. Every bumper that goes through Goodmark goes through their standard bumper process, which includes straightening, polishing, dipping in copper, and a follow up dosage of hex chrome. Today, they have three around-the-clock shifts working year round to ensure a fast turnaround. Now follow along, as we drop off bumpers at Goodmark and walk you through the process from start to finish.