Back when vintage cars like the ’64 Chevy Impala were new, who ever thought about restoration? These cars were true American steel and solid as tanks, and even if they were involved in an accident, you could just go to the dealer and buy factory replacement parts for it. After a few years of shelf life, however, the original GM parts ran out and businesses like CARS Inc. began popping up. These aftermarket companies are the only suppliers of replacement sheet metal for some of GM’s more popular vintage cars.

We’ve talked about quarter panel replacements in the past and the major work that’s required on a complete swap-out. With these old cars, though, there are times when the car is pretty solid and you can get away with small metalwork. A good example was this ’64 Impala that we spotted at a local body shop. The car was almost ready for paint, but it had a little bit of rust where the water drains in front of the quarter panel. You would not have to do major surgery on this car to get it back on the road. This sheet metal patchwork was done in one full day and was not that difficult to follow up.

You’ve heard Eazy-E rap about cruising down the street in his “six-fo.” That helped make this particular model one of the most sought-after cars in the industry. This is so true that manufacturers have almost turned the ’64 Impala into a kit car. They have everything that you can imagine for the OG “box” Chevy. You can see what we mean by following along as this ’64 gets ready for paint using CARS Inc. replacement sheet metal parts.