Over the course of a car’s life span, there are many changes that occur in the fashion that is its genre. In the case of lowriding, there is an ever-changing mix of colors and styles that make up the next trend. When the hot ticket has become a fizzled flame, it’s time to regroup, refresh, and then show off the newest collaboration and find your new way to the trophy.

Not too long ago, wrinkles and buttons dominated the show floors and streets. That was a time when a street ride paid the trunk no mind. “just make it easy to get to” were the famous last words of many a street rider. Welcome to the 2000s where a street car would take a trophy in many a custom category of a little more than a decade ago. The competition is tough and the streets are filled with back bumper heroes and rolling works of art. The fact still remains that a street car needs easy access to the pumps and batteries, but it can still look good doing it.

This month’s subject touches on the simplicity of building a clean street trunk with a little flavor, the basics of a show quality trunk with a little spice to it. Follow along as our street Grand Prix gets a trunk makeover updating the ’90s street to 2000s flair.