For many years, race car builders have sought the best way to reduce the weight of their cars. When the modern day racers hit the streets with their lightweight imports, reducing weight seemed like more of a challenge, especially when wanting to add a banging sound system. Many options came to mind, but in one way or another, medium density fiberboard (MDF) found its way into the mix and added those dreaded pounds back on.

It was starting to seem like it would require some extraterrestrial wonder material to get the good-sounding lightweight enclosure that was dreamed of. The answer was close to that. Zero Gravity uses aerospace technologies to create a composite material that’s not only lightweight, but also has the sound characteristics of a well-built sound studio.

The composite material combines the clean sweet characteristics of German birch and the wave canceling effects of a 200-lb. test aerospace foam. The total weight of a full sheet of this special produced composite board is equivalent to a box of french fries. Okay, well not that light, but in this we did find that the 11/48-inch acrylic mirror used on the inside of the enclosure outweighed the composite material by three or four times.

Another plus worth mentioning is that the back wave cancellation seemed to produce a deep solid sound equivalent to about double the potential or equivalent to that of a two-sub enclosure. While the assembly and production of these enclosures is more involved than a standard MDF enclosure, the end result is well worth it.

The little tricks to this custom box will include a camera mounted inside to view the subwoofer in movement. To achieve this, acrylic mirrors will line the inside of the box along with strip LEDs to light the way. From there, House of Kustoms custom body and paint in Temecula, California, will be painting the trunk to match the elements of the interior and exterior of this convertible Cadillac. So let’s follow along as Zero Gravity and 909 Luxury Wheels share their super-secret technology.