The ultimate honor for a lowrider is to be recognized by one’s peers. While trophies and photo shoots hold a special value, they will never replace the “street cred” that this sport was founded on. A lowrider wants to be known for his ability to build a sweet ride and this is where it all starts.

Not every reader will be able to handle every aspect of this kind of trunk build at home, but seeing how it gets done will put things in perspective nonetheless. The final product looks simple and clean, but you’ll see that there are hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears that go into this seemingly simple build. Turning an average trunk into a better than showroom-finished masterpiece is not for the weak of spirit.

The objective of this build is to create a paintable showpiece that will accentuate the chrome hydraulics setup and still allow the space needed to create a good-sounding sound system. We wanted a smooth and simple foundation that would highlight the setup without overpowering it. This is one of the reasons why a multi-angled box was built.

The intention was to optimize the space, but keep a clean, flat face on the enclosure. The beauty ring on the enclosure was created in such a way that kept to the smooth theme, but provided some depth to the sub faces. The final touch to this artwork is squirting the custom paint and wrapping some material to incorporate the touches from the inside and outside of the car. Once complete, we’re sure that this car will be a giant step toward the “street cred” that we desire.